Man charged with tying GSD’s snout with zip tie walks free with only a $200 bond and vet bills

Dog abuse comes in many forms, including starvation, physical abuse, and hoarding. An example of this type of animal abuse was recently seen when a South Australian man placed a cable around the muzzle of his German shepherd – and while the animal was rescued, the man guilty of the abuse ended up serving no jail time, infuriating animal lovers around the world.

A German shepherd is found with her snout tied shut

Source: Facebook/RSPCA South Australia

This case came to prominence when a report surfaced regarding an abused German shepherd in South Adelaide in South Australia. The dog had been spotted by a neighbor with her mouth tied shut by a zip-tie.

The zip-tie was pulled so tight around the 11-month-old dog’s mouth that it was cutting into her flesh.

The dog is rescued by a neighbor

Not willing to wait for the authorities, the neighbor rushed to the dog’s aid. Entering the abusive owner’s yard, he cut the tie from around her snout. He then notified the police of the abuse who arrived and eventually took the abuser into custody.

Immediately after having her mouth freed from its restraint, the dog, who was named Chloe, ran over to her bowl to get a drink of water and laid in a kiddie pool to cool off, according to the good Samaritan.

Chloe could have easily died

Source: Facebook/RSPCA South Australia

Chloe was then taken to a local animal shelter to receive treatment. Meanwhile, her owner was charged under the Animal Welfare Act for the ill-treatment of an animal. Dr. Brad Ward, chief veterinarian for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) South Australia, which handled the case, had this to say:

“Panting is the main way in which dogs cool their bodies because unlike us they do not have an effective system of sweat glands. If you prevent a dog from cooling its body in this way, you put it at extreme risk of overheating, particularly in warm weather. Dogs must be able to cool themselves through their mouths, not to mention be able to drink and eat with ease.”

According to the RSPCA South Australia, Chloe could have easily died if the tie hadn’t been removed when it had. She had endured four hours with the zip tie around her mouth before she was freed.

The abuse case goes to court

Source: Facebook/RSPCA South Australia

Once the case reached court, the abusing owner’s defense lawyer spoke out about his client’s motives. The defense’s main argument was that the whole incident had been an accident. The man had put the tie around Chloe’s mouth in the morning and simply forgot to remove it before leaving for work.

Source: Facebook/RSPCA South Australia

Shockingly, the court reached a verdict that did not place Chloe’s abuser in jail. Instead, he was given a good behavior bond of $200 for 15 months and had to pay $1,600 in vet bills and legal costs. He was also banned from owning any animals for two years — a relatively small price to pay for the abuse he had inflicted upon Chloe.

As for Chloe, her story ended up having a happy ending. She was able to fully recover from her abuse and is now living in a loving home.

Chloe’s abuser ends up not serving any jail time.

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