Man Located Unconscious Puppy In A Crumbling House And Can’t Rouse Him

A rescuer came upon a young puppy sleeping on the floor of a dilapidated house. The floor was just a slab of dirt.

Source: Dog Lovely/YouTube

He was dirty and weak. When the rescuer tried to wake him up, he couldn’t rouse him. Oh no. What was going on? Was he dumped there because he was sick or injured? Did he wander into the house on his own?

Source: Dog Lovely/YouTube

The rescuer wasn’t sure but he did notice his leg was injured. He put the little pup into a milk crate then took him home. He gave him a shot for the pain in his leg and prayed with enough sleep, and pain medication, the puppy would soon wake up.

Source: Dog Lovely/YouTube

And he did! He slept and slept and while he slept, he healed.

Source: Dog Lovely/YouTube

Soon, the puppy was awake and eager to take a big drink and eat some yummy food! He was thrilled to have a real meal. Who knows if he ever had a decent meal!

Source: Dog Lovely/YouTube

The rescuer’s next step will be to care for him and socialize him. Once he’s properly socialized, he will be ready for a new home.

Sometimes we don’t know the entire story. Sometimes rescuers come upon an animal who just needs a safe place to stay, a good bath, and a real meal. It’s simple but necessary– domesticated animals cannot care for themselves, especially when they are so young. Thank you to all the rescuers out there! You’re all amazing!

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