Man Pours Toxic Lye All Over Senior Dog, Lets Him Writhe 2 Days In Pain

Charlie the tiny 10-year-old Maltese mix dog barely stood a chance against the evil monster who harmed him. Charlie was nearly killed after suffering severe chemical burns at the hands of 45-year-old Rodney Johnson of Madison County, Illinois.

Johnson poured lye all over the innocent animal, causing him extreme pain and burns all over his body. The rescue group that took Charlie in posted images and a status update about this little one, stating, “We received a call from someone reporting he had lye poured on him 2 DAYS ago and had not been taken to a vet!! He was just laying there suffering. It is eating his skin!”

Source: Pound Pets Inc. Rescue/Facebook

Although Johnson is not the dog’s owner, it is uncertain how he came in contact with the pup. Thankfully, prosecutors in Madison County are not tolerating what Johnson did to a defenseless pet.

State Attorney Tom Gibbons reported, “We have a zero tolerance for abuse and cruelty to animals in Madison County, and the filing of these charges is just the beginning of that lesson for this defendant.”

Source: Pound Pets Inc. Rescue/Facebook

A conviction could send Johnson to prison for up to eight years. As for Charlie, a recent Facebook post from Pound Pets reveals that he is not available for adoption yet. He has a lot of healing to do, is on oral pain medications and antibiotics and is catheterized.

Source: News Channel 20

We wish you a successful recovery, Charlie, and are grateful for all those involved in his care and the abuser’s prosecution.

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