Man Reunites With His Stolen Service Dog After Woman Finally Decides To Surrender Him

David Guindon suffered a stroke and heart attack six years ago that has left him disabled. He has needed a motorized wheelchair to get around and wound up getting a service dog named Zeus in 2014 to help him in his everyday life.

In May 2016, Zeus wandered away from their home in San Bernardino, California, and Guindon was devastated. He searched everywhere for Zeus, put up posters, and even hired a pet detective. Zeus was nowhere to be found until a couple of months ago when someone who found Zeus tried to re-register his microchip.

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The microchip company called Guindon and explained that there was a lady who had his dog and wanted to re-register him under her name. They were asking Guindon’s permission, and of course he said no. He wanted Zeus back, but the woman was refusing to give him up.

Guindon was ecstatic to finally get his dog back, but since it’s been a year and a half since he’s last seen him, he feared that Zeus wouldn’t remember him. The two of them were finally reunited, and Zeus did not forget his owner. Zeus was just as happy to see Guindon!

Guindon is relieved to have his furry best friend back and has already bought a new GPS collar for him so this never happens again. He said seeing Zeus again was one of the happiest moments of his life along with the birth of his kids.

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