Man Risks Life In Deep Flood Water, Keeps Going Back To Save Stranded Animals

As the Tropical Storm Imelda flooded the Texas area, a Harris County man rose up to the occasion to save several stranded animals from drowning. He put his own life on the line and spent hours rescuing these animals.

Source: @JMilesKHOU/Twitter

This heartbreaking rescue video was taken in the man’s neighborhood to the north of Kingwood, where the flood water has touched the roofline of most houses. Although the people were evacuated to safety, the animals didn’t have much luck. When the screeches of the drowning animals grew louder, the man decided to brave the waist-deep flood waters to rescue them.

In this video, the man is seen struggling through the heavy water pressure as he carries a baby goat to safety. It is deeply unsettling to hear the traumatized baby goat scream helplessly after the ordeal. But this brave man went to and fro several times until he saved all the animals stranded in the flood water.

Source: @JMilesKHOU/Twitter

The man’s neighbor later added that the man was hit pretty hard by the floods himself. His house was previously damaged by Hurricane Harvey. He was just done with the renovations but the current floods have ruined his home again. We truly admire this man for looking out for the animals even in this difficult situation. He is a true hero!

Click the video below to watch how the man waded through the tumultuous flood water to save the baby goat.

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