Man Spots Dog Clinging To Tree In Rushing Water, Ties Rope And Swims Out To Help

Hurricane Harvey brought so much devastation to Texas.

Blocks of houses could be seen floating away in the raging floods. It was not only terrible for humans but was devastating for animals too, who had nothing tangible to help them survive the storm.

But among stories of heartache and devastation, we also come across acts of bravery and courage. Notable acts that help save a fellow living creature. These acts are so incredible that we feel compelled to share it with our readers. One such act took place in Lumberton, Texas when a group of locals spotted a dog in need of immediate help.
Carson and his brother, Travis, along with their neighbors Darryl and Wise, spotted one of their neighbor’s dog being swept away by the flood waters. The dog clung to a submerged tree. He was mere moments from being swept away completely. The dog was fighting for his life!

The men knew they had to act fast and undertook a daring rescue operation to save the dog from certain death. Their courage and selflessness deserve all the praise in the world. They truly give renewed meaning to the motto ‘Leave No Man Behind.’

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