Man Throws Rock At A Car Window To Save A Puppy

If you see a dog trapped inside a hot car, what would you do?  

A man in Ontario, Canada didn’t hesitate to hurl a massive rock at a car window to save a puppy. 

The temperature that day was around 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Will Costa, the man who posted the video on Facebook, told The Dodo, “There was a music festival happening and the announcer mentioned there was a dog in a hot car and for the owner to let the dog out.”

So an unnamed good Samaritan threw a rock at a parked black BMW to save the puppy who was trapped inside it. It took several tries before the window finally broke. And the puppy was happy as ever when he was finally free from that hot car.

Watch the video below!

Will Costa also told The Dodo that the owner of the car showed 50 minutes after the dog was rescued, and the police took custody of the dog.

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