Men Stare Down While She Tried To Climb Up Steep Pit With Her Baby

There is no stronger bond than a mother has with her baby. The species hardly matters; mothers, human and otherwise, do all they can to keep their little ones safe. But accidents do happen. When this mother dog and her baby fell into a tarp-covered water pit, she cried as loud as she could for help to come. She kept trying to climb back up, but it was of no use. She needed the help of humans.

Source: Jeffrey Estillore

Thankfully, a rescue team arrived as quickly as they could. The mama pup continues to cry and try to express herself to the humans that will hopefully help her. She wags her tail incessantly to show how happy she is that the rescuers have finally come. She now has hope.

Source: Jeffrey Estillore

The rescuer gets ready, straps in, and is lowered by a rope to the bottom of the pit. His first priority is to get the puppy out since she is more likely to get hypothermia. The mom knows he’s there to help and greets him. The man then takes the puppy into his arms. The man up at the top pulls them both up with all his might. The puppy is safe! She’s a bit dirty, but safe!

Source: Jeffrey Estillore

Now it’s time to get Mom. Down he goes, back into the pit. Mom is wagging her tail still, saying: “I’m so glad you’re back. Please come and take me too!” And then, before long, Mom is also brought up and placed on steady ground. She immediately goes to her baby to check on her. She then thanks her rescuer with a kiss.

Source: Jeffrey Estillore

Rescue videos like this one truly warm the heart. Every life is worth saving. No matter the species! Scroll on down and check it out for yourself!

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