Model Caught Kicking Her Dog Repeatedly In Stomach – Gets Probation In Plea Deal


26-year-old Instagram model, Keevonna Wilson, was caught on surveillance video kicking her small dog in a Florida elevator in September 2017.
She has recently agreed to a plea deal where she will pay a fine of $600 and only serve four years of probation, which includes 200 hours of community service. In addition, a judge ordered her to undergo a mental evaluation as well as write a letter to the court explaining “how and why the offense situation occurred and what was learned from the experience.”

Miami Herald
In the gut-wrenching footage, which security guards gave to police, Wilson can be seen kicking her 10-pound Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix, Chasity, in the stomach repeatedly while in the elevator of her condo building in Aventura. Wilson says she was angry at the dog for urinating in the elevator.
Following her arrest after the incident, Chasity was seized by Miami-Dade Animal Services, who examined and provided medical care to the pup, but thankfully no visible injuries were noticed.
William Bastone/Youtube

In Aventura Police Officer Burns’ statement, he said the dog appears to be scared in the surveillance video while Wilson was scolding her. “It appears that the dog may have defecated or urinated in the elevator,” he wrote. “Wilson is then seen moving the dog from one side of the elevator to the other with her foot in a forceful manner.”
The dog attempts to avoid Wilson by moving around in the elevator before they both exit.

William Bastone/Youtube
But the abuse doesn’t end there. Minutes later, Wilson is seen chasing the dog back into the elevator where she repeatedly kicks the dog over and over again. Chasity runs to the other side of the elevator, but Wilson follows her and kicks her again.
At the end of the video, you can see the doors open and Chasity running out, trying to avoid her.
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