Mom’s house is burning to the ground with her baby inside – dog pulls baby out by her diaper

If there is any dog breed with the most undeserved reputation it is the pit bull.

These dogs have an aggressive appearance but they are actually huge softies who look out for their families and protect them from harm. One example of their gentle yet protective nature is the story of Sasha and how she rescued one of her family members from a fire.

A bit of background on Sasha

Sasha is an 8-month-old pit bull who was born just before her 7-month-old human sister. These two little ones grew up together and the family viewed the dog like any other member of the family. According to their mother, Lantana Chai, the baby and the dog take their naps and their baths together.

Source: KARE11

One night, Sasha sensed something was wrong.

Chai was forced awake just before midnight by Sasha who was banging on the backyard door and crying. Chai didn’t know what was wrong at first, but she soon noticed that her cousin’s apartment next door was on fire.

Chai rushed to her baby’s nursery only to find that Sasha had already dragged the baby out of the bed by her diaper. Thanks to Sasha’s warning, Chai was able to evacuate the rest of the apartment and call 911.

Source: KCRA

The firefighters managed to save the building, but Chai’s apartment was completely destroyed in the incident.

This actually isn’t that uncommon.

Animals are known to occasionally save human lives. This happens with both domesticated animals and wild animals. These life-saving actions range from keeping people warm when they are lost in the woods to chasing off attackers.

Source: Flickr/Benh LIEU SONG

One example of wild animals protecting a human comes out of Ethiopia. There was an incident where a couple of men kidnapped a little girl. Upon trying to move her to a secondary location, the men were chased off by a pride of lions. After chasing the kidnappers away, the lions stayed with the little girl until the police arrived on the scene. Once they were satisfied that the little girl was safe, the lions walked back into the forest.

Source: Flickr/Tory Kallman

Another story of wild animals helping humans is from the coast of New Zealand. There was a family swimming in the ocean, enjoying the beautiful waters when a pod of dolphins appeared and herded the entire family together in a close formation. The family was confused at first, but they soon realized that the dolphins were protecting them from a Great White Shark.

The final story I will share involves beavers. There was a little boy who witnessed his parents drown right in front of him. He didn’t have anyone left with him and was all alone in the wilderness. At night, as the temperatures dropped, he felt something keeping him warm. When he woke up, he found three wild beavers pressed up against him to protect him from the cold.

Fluffy heroes

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. These guys are just a few of the animal heroes out there. I’m sure Chai and her family are very thankful for Sasha and will continue to appreciate her as time goes on.

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Source: KCRA News

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