Neglected German shepherd found abandoned and chained to a tree in the middle of nowhere

When a dog is abandoned, it is usually left in a remote location in the hopes that it will not return home. Such animals become strays, living their lives on the street, occasionally being rescued and taken to the local shelter.

In once case in Greece, a German shepherd was left chained to a tree at the top of a hill. Fortunately for him, he was rescued by some kind people and was able to live a happy life.

Tied up and abandoned

Source: YouTube/Takis Shelter

The German shepherd, named Rex, was found at the top of a remote hill, abandoned and chained to a tree. Police think he was left up there to keep away sheep. The police soon called Takis Proestakis, a local man who had made it his life mission to save and provide a home for the strays on his island home of Crete.

Left exposed to the elements

Source: YouTube/Takis Shelter

Upon his arrival, Takis approached Rex. The poor dog had been left, exposed to the cold and rain, for who knows how long. There was no food and water for Rex, so chances were whoever had left him cared little for his welfare.

Rex cowered in fear as Takis and the police decided what to do next.

Takis earns Rex’s trust

Source: YouTube/Takis Shelter

Takis brought some food for Rex before approaching him. Confident that he wouldn’t bite, Takis got closer. Sure enough, as Takis drew closer, Rex seemed to sense the goodness in the men.

Fortunately, Rex was able to muster his courage and eventually allowed the Takis to touch him.

Rex’s friendly nature shines through

Source: YouTube/Takis Shelter

As he grew accustomed to Takis’ touch, Rex’s tail began to wag, a sure sign that he was friendly. Soon, Takis brought Rex some water for a drink before he led him to the car for a trip back to Takis’ shelter, where he houses and cares for hundreds of stray dogs from the area.

Rex fit right in

Source: YouTube/Takis Shelter

Once Takis got Rex back to the shelter, where he was checked out, Rex went straight to the water bucket outside. He then drank for at least three minutes, getting his fill. In addition to food, water, and shelter, Rex was also able to make some new friends among the other dogs at the shelter.

Thanks to Takis, Rex now has a new chance at a good life.

Takis operates a shelter on the island of Crete to care for the many animals he rescues, most from the nearby garbage dump. He eventually built a large shelter for them all to live at, called Takis Shelter, where he cares for the dogs, cats, and goats that he has rescued over the years.

For more on Takis and his shelter, visit his Website.

You can watch the video below of Rex’s rescue.

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Source: Takis Shelter

H/T: Animal ChannelTakis Shelter

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