Officer writes emotional tribute to the K9 he had since it was just 12 weeks old

In January of 2017, Boston PD Officer Troy Caisey lost his pal and K9 partner, Bronson.

The German Shepherd was a 9-year-old active duty police dog at the time.

The first of his kind

According to the Boston Police Department, the dog was “the first dual-purpose Patrol and Explosive Detection K9 in the Boston Police Department’s K9 Unit.”

After his success, the department added 12 more dogs just like him to the force over just 6 years.

happen on the job and was the result of an illness. The pup passed away at the home of his partner and trainer Officer Caisey who said:

“On Sunday, January 15, 2017, I lost my K9 Partner of 8 years… I raised him as a puppy from 12 weeks old and he was by my side until he passed away at the age of 9.”

Saying goodbye

In the department’s announcement, Caisey shared some memories.

“Bronson was what I love to see in a Police Dog – high energy level, always ready to work, confident, good temperament, and a bit of a punk. He rode alongside of me for countless shifts patrolling the City of Boston and I always knew that he was ready for anything we encountered.”

It’s hard to know how to feel when you know your furry best friend has little time left, but Caisey seemed grateful for being able to be by Bronson’s side in his final moments.

“On what would end up being our final night together, when I knew he was slipping away and he wouldn’t last much longer, I spent time with him sitting in my yard with his head in my lap – just talking to him,” he recalled.

Mourning a friend

And the devastated owner wasn’t afraid to let his feelings for Bronson show and remind dog owners just how fleeting the years of a dog’s life can be.

“I can’t possibly explain all that he meant to me or how much he will be missed. So as you go about your busy day and your dog is staring at you for a little attention or playtime – take a few minutes for them. All they want to do is please you and spend a little time with you. They won’t be here for long.”

Honoring an officer

News outlets around Boston paid tribute to the dog, and in one memorial, it was noted that “his example has also led the K9s being out of the K9 vehicles and providing high visibility at events.”

During his career, Bronson provided security and did protective sweeps at Fenway Park, the Boston Garden, City Hall Plaza, Boston Common, and the Boston Marathon.

And he was good at what he did

“K9 Bronson obtained several National Certifications from The United States Police K9 Assoc[iation] for Patrol and Explosive Detection and well at the ATF for Explosive Detection.”

But Bronson wasn’t all business. Officer Caisey also said he knew how to have fun:

“When he was off, he was like any other dog. Only wanted to play or have the kong tossed for him. And if I didn’t pay attention to him he would drop the kong right in the middle of what I was doing just to get me to toss it.”

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