Old Dog Left At Shelter After Owner Died – Tucks Himself In & Cries Every Night

The Humane Society of Branch County in Quincy, Michigan, took in a senior Chihuahua after his life-long owner sadly passed away.

Not only was Scooter now without his best friend, but he was also stuck in a place that was very scary and stressful for him. A kennel, barking dogs, new people – things Scooter was not used to.

Every night before bed, his late owner used to tuck him in. His owner may be gone now, but his bedtime routine did not change. Except now, Scooter was tucking himself in.

As he wrapped himself up in his blue star blanket, he cried out loud until he fell asleep.

Shelter workers’ hearts broke as they watched Scooter night after night. They couldn’t bare to see him like this anymore, so they shared a picture of his nightly ritual on Facebook, in the hopes that someone would want to adopt this sad senior pup.

Sadly, Scooter isn’t the only senior dog who ended up in a shelter. Oftentimes, when owners die, their family members drop their pets off at shelters since no one else is able to care for them.

The pets are already sad after losing their owners, and now they seek love to help them heal, yet many people overlook older dogs.

Luckily, Scooter was not overlooked for long. The shelter’s Facebook post melted people’s hearts all over the country, and applications began to flood in from people who were willing to give Scooter a loving home outside of the scary shelter.

The lucky person chosen to adopt Scooter was a local woman named Jessica Howard, who is not at all new to rescuing dogs.

She has promised to give Scooter a loving environment to live out his golden years with his new doggy siblings.

In his new home, Scooter has quickly come out of his shell and is already feeling so much better. He still continues his nightly bed-time routine, except now he gets to do it in the comfort of a loving home instead of the scary shelter.

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