Owner Tries To Kill Pregnant Dog & Her Litter, Stabs Her All Over & Dumps Her

Miami Dade Animal Services has uncovered a very disturbing case of animal cruelty involving a heavily pregnant dog named Beauty. The dehydrated, dying dog was found bleeding out in the dirt from multiple stab wounds across her neck, face, leg and stomach.

Source: WSYX ABC 6 | bigdogranchrescue/Instagram

Beauty was rescued and transferred to Big Dog Ranch Rescue for emergency care. The rescue founder, Lauree Simmons, explained how Beauty had no hope left in her as she was battling severe infections and various parasite infestations, apart from the stab wounds. She has 9 puppies in her belly, and the rescue is doing their best to keep them all alive.

If you wish to help the shelter care for Beauty, you can visit their donation page here. Meanwhile, the shelter has revealed that Beauty’s stab wounds were very meticulous, which means that her owner had deliberately tried to get rid of her and her babies. If you know her owner, please contact the authorities in Miami. Let’s spread the word and help the authorities find the monstrous owner!

Source: WSYX ABC 6

Update: The shelter has updated that Beauty has just given birth to 8 puppies – 4 boys and 4 girls. The puppies will be available for adoption in 8 weeks, while Beauty will be available in 12 weeks. If you’re interested, you can make an adoption request through their application page here. But her vicious owner is still untraceable. Spread the word and help the cops nab the monster responsible for her condition!

Click the video below to watch a report on Beauty’s disturbing abuse.

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