Owners abandon 12-year-old German shepherd because he’s “too old”

Same as people, animals want to age with dignity. Few people would leave their parents alone in their old age. So why would they do it to their pets?

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Dogs are known for being attached to their owners. The loyalty of these four-legged furry friends is incredible, and all they want is some love in return.

Rocky is a 12-year-old German shepherd who arrived at the shelter in pretty rough shape.

The family who had previously owned the poor dog had decided to give up on him, explaining that he was simply ‘too old.’ Rocky spent his entire life with this family and was apparently used to being treated poorly.

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The staff at a shelter in Texas were stunned when the family asked them to put the Rocky down. Yes, the doggo was old, but there was still a strong spark in him – and luckily, his caretakers recognized it.

Not only were they not going to put Rocky downbut they also decided to give him a hand.

It must be hard seeing a nice, loving animal in such a bad condition.

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Workers from the shelter explained that Rocky was confused when he first arrived. He didn’t know how to behave when a group of people was around him, and he preferred to lie in a corner, waiting for his family to come back and pick him up.

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Since that wasn’t going to happen, Rocky’s new foster family came up with a different solution.

The long-haired, black and tan shepherd was underweight, suffered from different allergies, and had dermatitis.

Because of those health problems, a Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue service was called in for help. They transported Rocky to Virginia and gave him a much-needed, full makeover. First, they made sure that Rocky received good quality food, clean water, and proper medication.

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His dermatitis was carefully treated, and the heartworm problem would come next. It was clear that rescuers were dealing with a dog that had never been given love and attention.

Rocky wasn’t even trained, and they knew they were in it for a long haul.

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The dog needed a full recovery, but the Shenandoah center was prepared.

Fridley, from Shenandoah Shepherd Rescue, says that “Rocky is the sweetest, gentlest dog.”

He never barks, he doesn’t chew up things, and there has never been an accident since Rocky came to the rescue center.

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The lovely shepherd is still afraid when surrounded by other dogs, and he prefers calm dogs to hang around with. Rocky is available for adoption, and you can find all the necessary data here.

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It’s clearly been stated that he still needs some training, and the best option would be a family that doesn’t any other pets.

After going through a special regimen, Rocky is now healthy and stunning

This seems to be such a loving pet, eager to find a good home, and learn new tricks along the way. Rocky’s story serves as an example to all of us.

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Having a pet means having some responsibility for it. Rocky had a tough life before, but we’re certain that his new family will know how to appreciate such a magnificent animal.

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It’s never too late for a new beginning, and Rocky will thankfully have one.

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