Painful Empty Belly Of Skittish Stray Allowed Her To Get Closer After Entire Year

While DAR Animal Rescue volunteers were driving to feed the local stray dogs, they spotted a dog all alone. Of course, they weren’t going to leave her there, so they pulled over to try and help. The little dog, however, was afraid of people. Rescuing her would not be easy.

Source: DAR Animal Rescue

The COVID19 lockdown has taken its toll on stray animals. Many people put food out for the strays but because of the quarantine and loss of jobs, the animals are really suffering. Because the stray was so hungry, she would fearfully walk away from the volunteer but then circle back for more food. This would aid in capture. As sad as it was that she was so hungry, tempting her with food was about to save her life!

Source: DAR Animal Rescue

The little dog is picked up and put inside the vehicle. She was about to learn that her time on the streets was over, forever. They drive straight to the vet to get her properly examined.

Source: DAR Animal Rescue

She only weighed 12 p0unds! Poor baby! The little dog had to remain at the vet clinic for a few days so she could be treated for malnourishment, dehydration, and heartworm. This gave the rescue group some time to find her a foster home.

Source: DAR Animal Rescue

The rescuers decided to name the dog Krispy. The sweet girl was able to go to her foster home a few days later. She loves having a roof over her head and a warm place to sleep. She’s happy and clean. Krispy is also getting used to having meals every day.

Source: DAR Animal Rescue

Krispy no longer has to feel that painful empty belly. We are so grateful Krispy was saved and will find a loving forever home. Thank you, DAR! See Krispy’s rescue below!

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