Pit Bull Found Padlocked To A Tree So Tightly, He Was Unable To Move An Inch

Max was tied in a position in which he couldn’t even move his head.    

Kerry Haney of Don’t Bully Us Rescue was sitting at home one night relaxing when she started receiving lots of calls and texts about a Pit Bull found in the most horrific situation.

The dog was found in the owner’s yard tied to a tree so tightly he was unable to move his head. He had no food or water but wouldn’t have been able to reach it even if he did. The volunteer rescuer arrived to the address still in her pajamas to try to talk it over with the owner.

But when she got there, she saw no dog. She then contacted the police who said they were aware of the situation and doing everything possible to ensure the dog’s safety. All Kerry could do now was sit and wait a few days while the police did what they had to do to remove the dog from the property.

Later that week, Max was finally pulled from his neglectful and abusive situation. He was placed with the Gloucester County Animal Shelter where he’d be cared for until the court hearing. His owner would be found guilty and fined, and then Max was officially surrendered to the shelter.

Don’t Bully Us Rescue wanted to take Max in immediately, but the shelter seemed to want to keep him. But when Max tested positive for heartworm and failed some basic behavioral tests, the shelter reached out to them and asked if they would get him some more personalized care. Kerry was thrilled!

Since Kerry was part of the original rescue, it was decided she’d be the one to foster the dog. And she was more than happy to give Max the second chance in life he so much deserved. He was so sweet and friendly despite the shelter warning how aggressive he could be.

Max was just a puppy in a big dog’s body. He never got to play as a pup and live the life of a dog, and he didn’t know how else to act. Max had no manners, but that was something Kerry set about working on with him.

Max never learned any basic skills or how to properly enjoy life, but that was all about to change. Kerry and her family are doing everything to show him the ropes and teach him how amazing and full of love that life can be.

Max gets along with the family’s other two dogs and is friendly with everyone he comes in contact with. He especially loves kids, and they think this is because he came from a house with two young kids and misses them.

“He’s a goofy big pup,” Kerry told The Dodo. “He loves to play… more than any dog I’ve ever seen. And if you are sitting on the floor or couch, don’t think you’ll have any personal space. He will be on you in the drop of a dime. He hangs with me in my office every day. He just chews on his bone while I work and he never barks at the mailman or kids passing by. He is an absolute pleasure to have!”

The perfect family for Max would be one who is active and loves going on walks. But he also loves to snuggle up and cuddle when the time is right. He just needs that consistent love in his life.

“It’s sad to think he was tied to a tree with no one, all day, every day,” Kerry said. “That was his yesterday … but his future is full of people and love. That is a promise!”

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