Police Mourn K9: ‘He’s The Best Partner In The World’

The friendship between police officers and their K9s is a great example of just how strong the bond between a person and a dog can be.

So, it’s not surprising that police officers, despite their reputation as typical tough guys because of the nature of their job, still become emotional upon losing one of their own ranks in the K9 department.

Rest in Peace, Grif

In a recent Facebook post on the Berks County Police Heroes Fund page, it was announced that Grif, a retired police dog from the Wyomissing Police Department, has passed away.

Mourning the loss of a faithful member of the force, the post thanked the fallen German Shepherd for his service.

According to the Borough of Wyomissing official website, the late K9 Grif came all the way from the European country of Slovakia, where he was born in 2007. He became the first-ever member of the then newly established K9 unit at the city’s police department a year later.

Serving for numerous years, Grif became a veteran with skills that were instrumental in various situations from narcotics detection to searches. But as old age caught up with him, the police dog eventually retired from his post. He hung up his service collar in 2016 after eight years of loyal service.

Fortunately, Grif spent the last years of his life together with his best buddy and former police handler, Officer Paul Baur.

Grif and his partner

The deceased dog is survived by his handler turned pet parent.

Officer Paul told 69 News WFMZ TV at the time of the dog’s retirement,

“He’s the best partner in the world. He always had my back.”

Paul also revealed that Grif actually struggled with Lyme disease during his later years. However, he also testified that the German Shepherd stayed strong throughout his ordeal.

In fact, the officer described his former buddy as a hard worker who was in work mode twenty-four hours a day. In the same interview, Paul also talked about the daily routine that he and Grif had back when they were still partners on the job.

Apparently, they start their workday with a trip to the local Dunkin’ Donuts to get some coffee for Paul and a sweet treat for his K9 partner.

Paul described it:

“It started out with him getting biscuits. Then one day they were out of biscuits, and they asked if he likes donuts. I said, ‘Of course, he likes donuts. He’s a cop.’”

After breakfast, they would then off on patrolling duty, which also meant exercise and obedience training time for Grif.

Joking about what retirement was like for the former police dog, Paul said that Grif would be a part-time dishwasher at his house.

We’re guessing that he became the best dishwasher ever when there were sweet treats on the plate.

Rest in Peace, Grif. You will be missed.

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