Police Officer Welcomes Rescued Pittie Puppy Into His Family

As a police officer on patrol, your duty is to serve and protect your community. Occasionally, that includes local canines in need too. Police officers frequently help stray or injured animals and recover lost pets when they can. Lucky for one lone puppy in New Jersey, patrol cars came his way when he needed them.

On January 2nd, Mount Laurel Police Department officers found the small gray and white Pit Bull puppy wandering alone in an industrial area. The little dog had a small forehead injury, so they brought him to the nearby animal shelter for care. The Mount Laurel Police Department shared a photo on Facebook, explaining:

“This pup was safely secured and taken to the Burlington County Animal Shelter where he will receive treatment for a little cut on his head and a nice meal.”


An Officer Falls In Love

Naturally, many concerned citizens reached out to the department to follow up on the found puppy. They wanted to know if he was okay and whether he had found a home. The Department proudly reported that not only did he find a family, he found one through their own family.

Officer Matthew O’Hanlon had a Pit Bull previously and loves the loyal, affectionate breed. O’Hanlon and his fiancé had been wanting to get a new dog for a while. He told ABC News:

“My fiancé and I were looking to get a pit bull, and when you see a pit bull puppy with an injury, it’s hard to pass up on.”

Screenshot, ABC7

Usually, dogs found by the police have their microchips scanned, and their families are contacted. This dog, however, had no registered ID. So, when no one came to claim him, O’Hanlon knew he had to bring the puppy home with him.

“Boy, it makes you feel good that you can help a little puppy like that go from whatever happened to him to now knowing how spoiled he’s going to be for the rest of his life.”


The pup now goes by Thor, and what a mighty hero he is! Officer O’Hanlon says his job is tough, but he loves that it brings him opportunities like meeting and rescuing Thor.

“I like going to work, not knowing exactly what’s going to happen. You name it, we deal with it whether it’s a goose call, a deer call, obviously people, even when it’s a dog.”

You never know when just another day on the job could end up changing your life forever.

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