Pregnant street dog shot 17 times gets new lease on life as a devoted therapy dog

There have been some pretty horrific stories handed down to us over the years of animal abuse. Maggie the Wunder Dog’s story happens to be particularly gruesome, though. Even so, she won’t let it stop her.

The sweet dog was born to the war-torn streets of Lebanon where she was neglected, overlooked, starved, and abused. She was also pregnant.

Source: Instagram/Maggie the Wunder Dog

At the time she was found, the 5-year-old street dog was chained up to a box in a hostile neighborhood.

Meeting her like this in and of itself was heartwrenching. As it turned out, though, being chained up and abandoned was the least of her concerns. It was evident to rescuers that she had clearly been severely abused.

Her body was found riddled with no less than 17 bullet wounds. She had been shot up like a target with a pellet gun, and her ears had been savagely cut off. Several of the bullets entered through and around her eye-sockets, blinding her for life. On top of it all, the ailing street dog was expecting a litter of puppies.

Even with all the reasons to just give up, Maggie refused to let it get the best of her.

Source: Instagram/Maggie the Wunder Dog

Maggie’s rescuer managed to arrange for the street dog to be transported to the UK-based shelter Wild At Heart Foundation. There they would treat her wounds and ready her for adoption.

That’s when an angel named Kasey Carlin got wind of Maggie’s amazing story. She knew right away that the sweet dog would never have to suffer through anything so horrible again. She was going to take her home.

“This person in Lebanon posted asking for help and a woman in London saw the post and got help. Wild At Heart said they would take her in, even though it’s quite hard to get pets out of Lebanon,” Carlin recalls in an interview with The Argus.

Source: Instagram/Maggie the Wunder Dog

“My mum saw Maggie’s post and said we had to foster her. I got home and saw the picture and agreed,” she continues.

Maggie would have to have her eyes treated before being flown to the UK. So, since she would never regain her vision, the shelter sewed her eyes shut to prevent any further infection.

Once she was recovered enough from the procedure, she was put on her long journey to freedom and a forever family.

Source: Instagram/Maggie the Wunder Dog

Though Maggie had been through Hell and back already, the street dog didn’t let that dampen her loving spirit.

She was still full of energy, love, and playfulness. At long last, life was affording her the chance to be a pup again, and she was ready for it.

“I was in tears when I met her at the airport,” her human recalls of their first encounter.

Carlin explained that at first, when people met her sweet new dog they would often ask why she wasn’t euthanized.

They didn’t believe her quality of life could be worthwhile without eyes and ears. As if life is nothing more than sights and sounds. Not to worry, though, Maggie has no problem putting them in their place with her unfathomable passion for life.

“I’ve never met a dog like Maggie. She’s just brilliant. She’s so energetic and bubbly. She walks off the lead and follows me around. She must have been in agony with all she’s been through, but she never hurt anyone and she’s so loving,” Carlin beams.

Source: Instagram/Maggie the Wunder Dog

When Carlin realized the amazing effect Maggie’s presence had on people, she decided her former street dog had a lot to give. She didn’t feel right keeping the magnificence that is Maggie to herself. So, she enrolled her pup to become a therapy dog.

This isn’t something that happens overnight, either. Any dog has to be rigorously trained and tested, let alone a street dog. Maggie was, and she passed all of her tests with flying colors!

Source: Instagram/Maggie the Wunder Dog

Now the former street dog spends her time in service of others.

She comforts them and lets them know that everything will be alright. While that might sound like an empty platitude coming from many people, Maggie’s amazing story proves that just a little hope can take you a really long way.

To keep up with Maggie and all of her wonderful antics, join her other 300,000+ followers on Instagram. If you would like to learn more about her incredible rescue story and her journey to recovery, watch the video below.

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