Rejected-Baby Lost His Paw While He Struggled To Find Food In Trash Heap

Dogs cannot fend for themselves, especially puppies. Even the toughest dogs that live on the streets, still need medical care and proper shelter. A young puppy needs his mother, frequent feedings, and lots of warmth. Their survival rate drops the younger they are when left on their own.

This tiny guy was found on his own in a garbage dump. He was maybe a month old! A rescuer who frequents the area found him while on her way to help another dog. He was trying to climb around the trash when the rescuer realized he was missing a paw. He also had bite marks on his back. This poor baby needed help… fast!

Despite his young age and health, he continued to look for food in order to survive. He’s a very clever guy that certainly fought to live. The rescuer got a crate from her car and put him inside. She brought him home and gave him a good meal. He needed a good night’s sleep then he would head to the vet in the morning.

The next morning, the puppy, now named Gizmo, is examined by the vet. The doctor thinks that his foot was likely caught in a fox trap. The vet vaccinates him and treats him for worms. The biggest concern, however, is walking on his wounded leg.

Gizmo is also in a lot of pain from the missing paw. The vet thinks it’s best to amputate the entire leg to prevent further pain and infection. Gizmo is still too young for that type of surgery so the vet will have to monitor him until he’s bigger and stronger.

While at his foster home with his rescuer, Gizmo bonds closely with her cat Luna. Luna gets sick and Gizmo does all he can to comfort her. The rescuer takes Luna to the vet, and of course, Gizmo has to come too. He snuggles tightly to Luna as if to say, “it’ll be okay, friend.”

Gizmo continues to grow big and strong. It’s time for him to go to his forever home. His new family will schedule his surgery and make sure he continues to thrive. We are so grateful that Gizmo is safe, healthy, and happy. Animal rescuers are truly superheroes. Watch Gizmo’s rescue below!

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