Remarkable Dog Saves Tipsy Human From Potentially Dangerous Fall

Dogs bring out the best in us in more ways than we think. Often, they’re capable of thinking fast in dangerous situations. So, when Jax the Golden Retriever saw his intoxicated mom struggling to stand, he knew he had to help.

Hannah Quintus almost fell over after having a few too many drinks. She’s embarrassed by her behavior, but it’s now a night she’ll never forget. That’s because Jax knew precisely how to react when she was in trouble. A pet camera captured the adorable moment that Jax saved his drunk mom from falling over.

Golden Retriever Hero
Image: @hquintus/Facebook

Jax the Genius

Jax is a smart pup, but he had never been trained to aid an intoxicated human before. He learned that all on his own. Quintus has had Jax since he was only seven weeks old, so after two and a half years together, he seems to know her better than she knows herself.

“His favorite habits include hugging and grabbing anything in his mouth that he can find when he gets excited (shoes, socks, and toys). He enjoys ripping anything to shreds like toilet paper, paper towels, and plush toys,” said Quintus.

Golden Retriever Mama's Boy
Image: @hquintus/Instagram

Quintus added that her sweet pup is also a very people-oriented dog. He loves getting attention and pleasing humans, which explains why he was so eager to help Quintus when she looked like she was in trouble. Quintus came home drunk one night, and somehow, the Golden Retriever knew precisely what to do.

An Embarrassing Video Goes Viral

In the video, it shows Quintus in her room, taking objects off her bed. Jax is right there by her side, ready to give her all the love and affection in the world. But then Quintus stumbles and starts falling away from her bed. She looks like she’s about to fall on the floor, but Jax rushes to the rescue.

Jax puts his paws on Quintus’ chest and gently pushes her back toward the bed. He keeps his paws on her until she is comfortably seated at the bed. Incredible footage from the room’s pet camera caught the entire exchange on video.

Dog saves tipsy owner
Image: Screenshot, @hquintus/TikTok

“It took me watching it a couple of times to realize what he was doing, then I was amazed,” said Quintus.

At first, Quintus was embarrassed by the video, but she decided to share it on TikTok because of Jax’s incredible actions. Sure enough, the video soon went viral. Despite her embarrassment, Quintus is happy that her silly mistakes helped her dog become a celebrity. After all, Jax was a hero that day.

Watch the amazing video here:


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