Scientists Confirm That Dogs Can Sense Bad People

Whether you’re a good person or not can determine whether dogs like you. Science has proven that dogs actually act differently toward different types of people. If you notice your dog doesn’t like someone, you might want to listen to what he has to say before becoming that person’s friend.

Here is more on the amazing study that proves dogs are a great judge of character.

The Scientific Study

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A study, published in Neuroscience and Behavior Reviews, shows that dogs know when a person is not helpful to their owners. This is because dogs can tell when a person is kind or not, even if they are normally kind to the dog in question. And, chances are, they probably also judge you for your behavior. So, you better behave, just to be safe.

An Experiment That Proves This Point

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A case in point in the study was that dogs are more willing to respond to someone who helps another person out as opposed to ignoring someone who refuses. This was observed in an experiment where someone was asked to help open a pickle jar. The dogs took a treat from the person who helped, but refused a treat from the person who didn’t

How to Tell if a Dog Doesn’t Like Someone

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If your dog doesn’t like someone, there is probably a reason. Hopefully this is not the relationship between you and your dog. Some common ways your dog can show its displeasure with you or another person is by the following behavior:

  • Excessive barking
  • Growling
  • Refusing to play with
  • Not wagging its tail
  • Prefers spending time with someone else

Another Experiment Involving Dogs and Trust

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In another study published by the journal Animal Cognition, dogs were first pointed to a container containing dog food. Next, another experimenter pointed the dog to an empty container. The final part of the experiment had the same experimenter point to a container containing this time. The dog ignored the experimenter, showing that they could tell if someone was trustworthy or not.

What if a dog doesn’t like you?

Luckily, not all is lost if a dog decides that it doesn’t like you. Maybe you did something harmless, like refusing to open a pickle jar for their owner, for instance. If you know you’re a good person with good intentions, it’s just a matter of gaining the dog’s trust. Dogs are kind of like humans in that way. Sometimes, it takes time to develop a meaningful bond.

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German Shepherd K9 Leaves Officers Amazed

We don’t always give dogs the true credit they deserve. While we view them as friends and companions, we rarely sit and think about how intelligent these animals can be.

How many times have you put food out of your dogs reach only to find it gone in your absence?

What about those days when you’re sure you locked your back door, but your dog still got out? A fluke? I don’t think so.

An amazing German Shepherd

Onetencrew Films, in one of their projects, visited the Greenburgh Police Department in Fairview, New York. In a viral video found on YouTube, a uniformed officer stands nearby.

He gives his police dog a simple instruction, and like a human, the German Shepherd walks to a police car, opens the back door, hops in, and locks the door.

It doesn’t sound like much if a human is doing it, but sit and think about it. How many dogs have you ever seen open car doors? Impressive, right?

What else can dogs do?

Now, while dogs can’t build rocket ships or perform neurosurgery, they do have the mental aptitude to perform some complex tasks. Here are a few more examples of dogs being more than pets.

Search and rescue dogs

It’s no secret that dogs have a strong sense of smell. This has been used to save thousands of lives around the world.

Search and rescue dogs are trained to not only track scents but to also help people in certain dangerous situations. For instance, if someone is unconscious in a forest or on a ski slope, they are trained to drag that person to the nearest source of help.

In extreme cases, some dogs can actually perform CPR.

Herding dogs

While not everyone can relate to this one, herd dogs are great workers too. They help control and protect animals like sheep, goats, and cows while they graze in the field.

They have the energy and intelligence to pull off this task that would otherwise need three or four people to complete.

Sled dogs

Sled dogs are especially helpful in snowy terrain where normal means of transport just won’t work. It may seem as simple as dogs pulling a cart behind them, but navigating through snow requires some insight that is unique to these dogs.

Police dogs and war dogs

Intelligent breeds of dogs are used by both the military and police. They are trained to skillfully track, chase, disarm, and take down targets in very hostile situations. There is no shortage of of stories of how these dogs have saved the lives of their fellow uniformed officers.

Detection dogs

Some breeds have a stronger sense of smell than others. Once trained, these dogs can be used to find explosives, drugs, dead bodies, contraband, or just to hunt for sport. Believe it or not, some are even smart enough to detect termites and bed bugs in homes.

While not all breeds can do everything listed above, every breed has unique qualities that could be interesting to explore. Spend more time with your dogs and pay attention to what they have a knack for.

You might be surprised by how many impressive skills they actually have.

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