She Uses An Old Fence To Keep Her Head Up, Too Starved To Sit Up On Her Own

Being alone and in need of medical care, among other things, is very scary for a helpless animal. This poor dog was found all on her own in someone’s yard. She was too weak to stand, or even sit up properly. She had to lean against an old fence just to keep her head up.


Thankfully, the homeowner found the dog and called a local rescue. The kind strangers didn’t hesitate. They rushed to the house immediately. Seeing her condition in person convinced them to take the pup straight to the vet clinic. The medical team assessed her straight away.


The vet stated the obvious. She was underweight and malnourished but she also has a neurological disorder that caused instability in her neck. Was this something she was born with? The vet had to consider abuse or that she may have been hit by a car. He wasn’t sure.

While her history wasn’t totally known, the team focused on what they could treat. First, they gave her IV fluids to address dehydration. They also gave her antibiotics and plasma for low platelets. They put the brave pup in a kennel to make her as comfortable as possible.

In a few days, the brave girl is doing better but she still cannot eat or drink much on her own. She also can’t stand on her own but all her caregivers have hope that with proper care, she will be much better soon! The dog feels safe and loved now.


Amazingly, with IV nourishment, she gets stronger quickly and is able to eat real food off of a spoon her caregiver happily gives her. She’s so precious and grateful. Everyone who meets this little warrior falls in love with her instantly!

It’s been another week and the sweet girl is still making strides. She has a long way to go but everyone, including her doctor, is confident she will make a full recovery. We are so grateful for her rescuers and caregivers. Let’s send this pup all our prayers. To see her full rescue, check out the video below!

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