She Was Surrendered To Monsters To Be Used As A Bait In Fighting Ring!

Trixie, a 6-month-old dog, has never seen a good day in her life as she was also kicked out by her owner in a gentle way by posting her picture online saying that she is for free for a good home!

The people, who adopted Trixie, blocked her previous family from checking on her. The good home that she taken at was a very bad place as they used her in fighting ring as a bait! She had the worst time of her life as she was covered in bite marks, and her face was swollen in an extreme way.

Fortunately, Happy Tails Animal Rescue Inc. drove to Brisbane for 6 hours after hearing her story to free her from the pain. Thankfully, she was treated for her swelling and injuries, that had all gone, but unfortunately, the scars were still on her face. The best thing was the she was adopted by a loving family as she was completely healed. 

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