Shelter pit bull shreds man’s coat – man says ‘Now I want him more’

When people go to the animal shelter looking for a pet to adopt, they likely will steer clear of any that show signs of being aggressive. Especially if it’s a pit bull. That’s just not the type of person that Manny is, though.

He and his wife, Ina, decided to take a trip down to their local shelter one day to look into adopting another dog. They wanted a furbaby to keep their other company. They had no idea if the new pitty being held at the shelter would be the right fit, though.

With their hopes high, they patiently waited to meet Pablo the pit bull anyway.

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Of all the things the couple might have been expecting from Pablo, what happened next wasn’t one of them.

When Manny neared sweet looking Pablo, the tiny pit bull let out a loud growl. He continued to growl until, when his fear got the better of him, he bit into the coat sleeve of Manny’s arm. He sunk his little teeth in and tore it to shreds.

“I reach in and he bites my coat and rips and shreds the one arm, and everybody just got quiet,” Manny remembers his first encounter with Pablo.

The tall man remembers how everyone went silent after witnessing the pit bull rip up his arm sleeve. Manny knew what they were thinking.

“They were like, ‘They’re never going to take this dog now,’” he says.

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Granted, most people would just walk right out of the shelter doors after seeing a pit bull act out like this. Most people would, at the very least, be a little scared of the dog for his behavior.

Manny, though, is a cut above the rest. He knows that just like humans, dogs have layers to them, and when it comes to fear, Pablo’s layers ran deep. The goodhearted dog lover knew what Pablo had just sentenced himself to by trying to bite him. The likelihood of the pit bull getting adopted now was pretty much nonexistent…unless he stepped in.

Ina and Manny both knew that if they wanted this dog to go to a good home, they were going to have to be the ones to provide it.

“I go,’ I want him even more now … I want him bad,’” Manny tells The Dodo of how he came to adopt Pablo.

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Manny and Ina knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that the feisty little pit bull was meant for them. They knew that they had the patience, experience, and love to see Pablo through all of his fears and then some.

“We know we’re going to be dedicated in terms of the love we give and the patience we have,” Manny divulges to The Dodo in a video interview below.

While the couple knew Pablo obviously had a past, they had no idea how dark it was.

When the couple took their pit bull in for an x-ray, they were shortly interrogated afterward. The vet wanted to know who had kicked Pablo in the face. The vet explained it was clear from the x-rays that someone had kicked him in the face and broken his jaw when he was only just a puppy.

Taking this into account along with Pablo’s obvious fear of men, things started coming together quickly for the couple, albeit gruesomely.

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From the evidence at hand, it was clear the pit bull had trauma that ran deep.

Thankfully, so does Manny’s love for his rough-around-the-edges pit bull. The doting dog dad refused to give up on his wary, antisocial little furbaby. So did his other dog, Charlie.

Charlie is another sweet young pit bull, and she knows that her dad is all loves and snuggles if you let him be. She wanted Pablo to learn how good life could be with Manny. So, Charlie made sure to snuggle and lap up dad’s love every night in front of Pablo. Then one day, it worked!

“He [Pablo] was like, ‘I want some of that too, but I’m scared.’ Charlie was showing him, ‘This dude is cool! What are you doing? You want some of this, then you better start acting like it,’” Manny recalls how Pablo finally bagan opening up to him.

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It seems that Pablo got the message Charlie was trying to send, loud and clear.

One day while he was lying on the couch, Manny explains that Pablo just decided he would go for it and jumped up to lay right on top of him. This was one of the proudest moments of Manny’s life, and with good reason. He had to earn his dog’s affections.

“I love how crazy he is. He’s a drama queen. His attitude … He’ll stop to enjoy the moment….Sometimes he reminds me to put down my phone for a second like, ‘Enjoy the breeze! Enjoy the moment,’” The dog dad gushes.

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Now that the sweet pit bull is learning to trust his family, he is literally living in the lap of luxury.

There’s just no end to the kisses and cuddles his humans and fur-sister want to pour out on him. The cute pitty is finally learning that not all men are bad, and when it comes to his dad, he will never have to worry about another man hurting him ever, ever again.

If you would like to learn more about Pablo’s incredible story, watch the video below. If you just want to see more of his uber adorable face and how he loves to keep mom and dad on their toes, follow him on Instagram!

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Source: The Dodo

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