Shelter Pup Longing For Home Flashes ‘Goofy Grin’ As Adopters Walk Passed Him

All animals deserve a loving family. There is no debating that. But it’s hard to ignore the shelter dogs who work a little harder for a home. One puppy went the extra mile to garnish attention from shelter visitors in order to get adopted. This adorable Lab-mix pup, named Burreaux, was found and picked up, along with his siblings, and taken to Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana.

Source: Humane Society Of Northwest Louisiana

All three puppies were diagnosed with parvo, which could be fatal if not treated immediately and aggressively. The shelter staff worked around the clock to help the puppies and all three managed to persevere.

Source: Humane Society Of Northwest Louisiana

Burreaux immediately won the heart of Courtney Wingate, the director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana. She named him and his siblings (Joe and O) after the quarterback and coach of the Louisiana State University football team.

One sibling, Joe, was adopted quickly by charming everyone with his playful attitude and love for fetching toys.  Burreaux had a talent of his own. The runt of the litter charmed the socks off of potential adopters by flashing his pearly whites!

Source: Humane Society Of Northwest Louisiana

To everyone’s surprise, he was still looking for his forever home, despite a video of Burreaux smiling went viral. The Humane Society posted a video with the caption: “Burreaux begging for attention 😬❤ Oh and this smiler still needs a home.”

The shelter received a ton of inquiries but Burreaux and his sister still waited (and waited!) for a home. No one could really understand why.

Source: Humane Society Of Northwest Louisiana

Finally, after nearly every social media outlet ran Burreaux’s story, a family stepped forward that was a perfect fit. He is now in a loving home– but his sister still remained at the shelter.

Source: Humane Society Of Northwest Louisiana

The Humane Society was hoping if Burreax’s story continued to circulate, his sister O would benefit. It sure took a while but the tactic worked! Here is O with her new family!

Source: Humane Society Of Northwest Louisiana

We are elated that all three puppies found their happily ever after. Not all dogs are as fortunate. Please remember that there are shelter dogs, and dogs in foster homes, waiting for their happy ending too. ADOPT DON’T SHOP!

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