Taraji P. Henson “A Wreck” After Her Frenchie Passes

It was only a few days ago that Taraji P. Henson asked for prayers for her fur baby. On Instagram, the Hidden Figures actress shared that her beloved French Bulldog “K-Ball” was suffering complications from surgery. Sadly, Henson updated her anxious fans this week with the news that K-Ball didn’t make it.

Born in October of 2017, the sweet French Bulldog was only 3 years old. Still, his health issues made life difficult for him, and in the end, Henson knew she would have to let him go.


In an emotional Instagram post, Henson explained her dog’s sad predicament.

“Mommy tried everything to save your life. EVERYTHING!!! I couldn’t watch you suffer any longer. Life was rough on this lil guy. He had breathing issues that needed to be addressed. His trachea was the size of a straw so breathing and eating and playing was becoming very difficult for him. He had two surgeries and his Lil body couldn’t take it.”


Though devastated she had to say goodbye to him, Henson acknowledged what “beautiful love-filled years” the little dog gave her. She also did everything she could to give back to him.

“KBall you calmed mommy’s anxiety. What will I do without you.  I gave you the best three years ever. Private jets vacations shopping movie sets photo shoots the best dog food money could buy and ALL OF MY LOVE!!! Jesus this is hard and yes I AM A WRECK!!!”


Sad as this is, it seems like the pup had a wonderful life. K-Ball also had a pretty successful Instagram account of his own, so he will be immortalized in this way for sure. If you’re curious about the happy life he led with his mom, you should browse some of the adorable photos.


Mourning a dog is a difficult process, and everyone handles it differently. Luckily it seems Henson has received an outpouring of love and support since she shared the sad news.

Why Do French Bulldogs Have Breathing Problems?

Given how adorable they are, it’s no surprise French Bulldogs are among the most popular dog breeds (and frustratingly the most stolen as well.) However, brachycephalic breeds, meaning dogs bred to have condensed snouts, are prone to breathing issues.

These types of dogs have shorter facial bones but the same amount of facial tissue, leaving more tissue inside the dog’s mouth than the muzzle has space for. Occasionally, this can block their airway so severely that they need surgery to save them from respiratory distress.

Due to their design, French Bulldogs often have difficulty getting enough oxygen, so they can overheat easily. French Bulldogs can live full, happy lives with their people. Still, all brachycephalic dogs have compromised airways to some degree, and many will suffer severe symptoms.

Featured Image: @tarajiphenson/Instagram

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