This poor mutilated dog abandoned in a stable looking for a family

At the end of January, a white Labrador called Snow was found abandoned in a stable, the eye flat. Act of cruelty? Abandonment? Still, the poor animal is now looking for a loving family, to be entitled to a new start in life …


It’s the story of a meeting that probably saved his life. Snow, a white Labrador, crossed the path of Jean Lescoute, a true guardian angel.


This resident of the town of Damiatte, in the Tarn, discovered two weeks ago a labrador lying in his stable, alone in the world, his head covered with blood.

Led to the veterinarian’s emergency, the state of the labrador is disturbing to say the least: a hole was pierced on the front of his head and his right eye is punctured. It will be necessary to operate the poor dog, before imposing a complete and absolute rest of ten days to him.


Still, the veterinarian is formal. Such an injury can not be accidental, it is indeed an act of cruelty inflicted on the poor dog, who was named Snow by his rescuer. An investigation is currently underway to try to find his owner, who has not yet manifested himself.


Jean Lescoute can not keep the poor Snow, it is the association of animal defense All For One who took care of the white labrador at the exit of the veterinary clinic and which decided to make complaint for act of cruelty towards a domestic animal.

As for Snow, he is going to need long weeks of socialization and patience, so as to restore his confidence in the Human …

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