Tiniest little puppy loves racing around on his tiny wheels

TurboRoo’s mom fell in love with him at first sight.

The tiny chihuahua born with only two legs was tiny but fierce.

When the puppy first came to the vet clinic where she worked at just 6 weeks old, his littermates weren’t kind to him and his original owner knew she wouldn’t have the time to take proper care of the disabled dog.

Small enough to fit in the palm of her hand, his adopted mom immediately started to get him to propel himself forward so he could find a way to be mobile.

She even coaxed him to jump up on things with little pieces of rice because she hoped it would strengthen his hind legs.

Now that we no longer automatically euthanize disabled animals, there are a number of companies that make mobility apparatuses, and dogs that are missing limbs because of birth defects or accidents can sometimes use carts to help get around.

But Turbo was so tiny that he didn’t fit.

Most carts wouldn’t fit him until he was 6-8 months old.

His owner was unwilling to wait, so she made her own! She told The Dodo that the pair tried a variety of DIY alternatives to get Turbo moving.

Thanks to Turbo’s Instagram account, the little pup went viral overnight.

As a result, an engineer in San Diego offered to make the 2-legged puppy a proper device using a 3-D printer.

It was just what little TurboRoo needed to get going!

As he’s grown, he’s gone through quite a few carts, but all of them have allowed him not just to walk but also to run around like any other dog.

When he’s not in his cart, Turbo will still get around the house by pushing himself along the floor and can easily stand on his two back legs to jump up on the couch for cuddles.

And like most small dogs, Turbo has a big personality!

One year after Turbo’s adoption he got a sister with the same condition, named Ruby.

Then a brother named Thor came along.

He was born with twisted legs that grew upside down.

None of these pups let their disability stop them from living a full life.

These three certainly found their way to the right family. They even get to be friends with the foster pups their human mom and dad take in.

And now they have a human sister as well!

This is one pretty amazing family!

Be sure to scroll down below to see Turbo in action and visit his Instagram page here.

Ruby and Thor have their own Instagram accounts as well.

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