Tiniest puppy befriends sweetest duck and snuggles up in her feathers

When you think of animal friendships, usually it is between dogs and cats. But in one case of animal friendship, a puppy became best friends with a duck. What was most precious about the bond they shared was the way the puppy cuddled up to the duck.

A puppy bravely approaches a duck

Source: Pinterest – Pet Galaxy

In a series of videos captured of the two, the puppy is shown walking up to the duck before climbing on the duck’s back to cuddle up to him.

The duck has the patience of a saint

Source: Pinterest – Pet Galaxy

It’s simply amazing that the duck would be so calm with a strange animal climbing on top of it, but for some reason, the duck sits by as the puppy does just that. They must truly share a special bond.

The puppy gets up close and personal with the duck

Source: Pinterest – Pet Galaxy

At one point, the little puppy is seen hugging the duck’s neck. He must think it is his mom or something, or at least a good friend.

The puppy goes for a ride

In another video, the puppy at first struggles to climb on the duck’s back before finally clambering up.

Source: YouTube – Walker Jennifer

The puppy then settles in for a short ride down the sidewalk looking cute as all get out. It’s a wonder that the duck doesn’t simply throw the puppy off, but the two seem to be used to each other at this point.

Getting comfortable

In yet another video, the puppy wiggles around on the duck’s back, making watchers marvel at the extreme patience of the duck.

Source: YouTube – aamos s

Then the puppy is shown sitting proudly on the duck’s back. Next, the duck is getting a break as the puppy chases a frog.

Taking a nap

Source: YouTube – aamos s

Finally, the puppy is shown fast asleep, where else but on the duck’s back. He looks absolutely adorable as he grabs a quick snooze while the duck, ever patient, sits calmly by.

All of these videos just go to show that depending on the situation that different species of animals can tolerate each other. In the case of the puppy and the duck, they have even grown to be best friends. We could all learn a thing or two from them.

You can see more of the two’s friendship in the video below.

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