Toddler spots a terrified and ill pit bull in the shelter – and refuses to leave its side

There is no question that kids have pure hearts, innocent minds, and genuine love. It is almost safe to say that they bring balance to our cruel world because they always see the good in something. They are the purest among us sinners.

This 2-year-old kid serves as an example of unconditional and sincere love. Imagine a kid this young falling in love with a pit bull. It is probably one of the bravest but the sweetest thing that we will ever see in our lives. The love between man and animal.

This 2-year-old kid is literally small but has an incredibly huge heart. She knows when someone needs help so she is ready to be of help.

A cute baby girl known as G has shown us how a kid sees the world. This was after she and her mom went to a local animal shelter. The innocent 2-year-old girl saw a pit bull named Scarlett, and she fell in love with her right at that moment. Her eyes got stuck on the dog and she became persistent in bringing her home.

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Scarlett smells and can hardly be considered a good looking dog, but guess what, G didn’t care at all. She didn’t see the breed but instead saw a dog worth taking home. They went outside for a walk even though the dog seemed to be scared and nervous at first. G led the way and was so patient in walking the dog out.

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G’s mother saw how the two immediately bonded, and her heart melted. It was like watching a beautiful scene from a romantic movie. They played together and her mother noticed that Scarlett would not leave G’s side. She gave the sick dog hugs, kisses, and belly rubs.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

She also figured out that Scarlett is sick and that they needed to bring her home. Well, her wish was mom’s command – they brought her home.

Scarlett was finally home with her new family and the two were inseparable since then.

When Scarlett was home to her new family, she began feeling better and her positive attitude started to glow from inside out.

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Even after being home, it was still the same scene, the sweet pittie would still not leave G’s side. Wherever G goes, Scarlett will always be there beside her. They are like fastened to one another.

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They will play, run, goof around, run in circles, and bath together. It is almost safe to say that they do almost everything (if not everything) together. Can you think of something that they would not do together? It’s a tough question, right?

It is common for people to think that pit bull is a violent breed of dog. But some say otherwise.

We live in a society where even dogs are criticized especially pit bulls. A normal person would crumble from fear just by hearing the dog breed. This is just one of the many reasons why we always see them in a cage and chains. They are also abused by people involved in dogfighting which is already considered as an illegal activity.

Join your friends or be the first to like our page otherwise describes this breed as:

“…a companion and family dog breed. Originally bred to “bait” bulls, the breed evolved into all-around farm dogs, and later moved into the house to become “nanny dogs” because they were so gentle around children.

Their tenacity, gameness, and courage make them popular competitors in the sports of weight pulling, agility, and obedience competition. Of course, you can also find them living as companions, showering their human families with affection.”

It’s unimaginable how kids see the world through their eyes. Let us just take G and Scarlett’s story as an example. It’s definitely worth sharing!

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