Twitter Supports Furry Flight-Mate in Viral Post By Upset Aisle-Seat Human

To paraphrase an old idiom, one man’s dog day flight is another’s delight.

Mark Halperin took to Twitter to protest Delta’s placement of another passenger’s service dog next to him, but not everyone understood his frustrations.

“Seriously, @Delta??!?,” Halperin tweeted.

Shortly after, the full force of the pretty pup’s supporters stepped in to defend.

The dog, clad sprightly in his best bow tie, had even less to say about Halperin, but the post had already gone viral before Halperin was able to clarify his statement.

Halperin retraced his steps, and tried to set the record straight. He wasn’t upset the dog was placed next to him, only that it had been placed separate from its owner.

He says he would have switched seats with the owner to help out, but didn’t realize who the dog belonged to until the plane had started to take off.

He assured his followers he meant no disrespect to the dog. The situation could have been avoided had Delta assigned the dog a seat next to its owner.

There are certainly worse seats to have sat in, and it looks like plenty of Twitter users, as well as Halperin, agree.

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