Underweight, deaf dog was stung by thousands of bees before being abandoned at the shelter

Sometimes, we come across stories that are just too heart-wrenching to bear.

Stinger is a pit bull mix who was born deaf. One day, after choosing a spot on the ground, poor Stinger was stung by thousands of bees! His poor body had a very bad reaction to the stings, and he needed immediate medical help.

Source: LuvnPupz/Instagram

His whole face and body were covered with stings. He was in so much pain, but what we can’t imagine was the emotional pain that he was also suffering. The day he was left at the shelter was also the last time he saw his owners.

Stinger’s owners abandoned him at the shelter.

He was in so much pain, he wasn’t able to hear anything – but deep inside, he knew he was all alone now.

Source: LuvnPupz/Instagram

This is when Stinger’s angel stepped in.

Carri Shipaila is the founder of LuvnPupz rescue organization. Upon learning Stinger’s heartbreaking story, she immediately went to the center so she could monitor him herself.

Sadly, along with all the pain Stinger was suffering, she found out that he was also severely underweight and had been suffering from scabies.

Treating Stinger was indeed a challenge.

Source: LuvnPupz/Instagram

For days, the poor pup suffered. The pain was too much for him, and as if it couldn’t get any worse, LuvnPupz discovered that Stinger was also suffering from Pemphigus.

According to VCAHospitals:

“Pemphigus is an autoimmune skin disease, in which the body’s immune system attacks the connections between its own skin cells.”

Source: LuvnPupz/Instagram

This disease required Stinger to have a lifetime of daily medication. It would be a tough journey for this poor pup and even for the people who cared for him but they didn’t give up!

They worked together and showed Stinger that he was worth every treatment, every hug, and every touch. They wanted him to feel better and to have the urge to survive.

Source: LuvnPupz/Instagram

Stinger didn’t want to give up. He was a fighter.

“Stinger is an amazing dog. He loves everyone he meets. He’s the perfect image of how people should see the breed; sweet, funny and full of life,” Carri Shipaila told in her interview with Bored Panda.

Despite all the physical and emotional hurt, Stinger is still able to love.

Source: LuvnPupz/Instagram

Unfortunately, because of the cost of his treatment and the lifetime care required for his condition, Stinger will not be put up for adoption.

He did, however, find his forever home, but the cost of his care will still be provided by LuvnPupz.

Look at Stinger now!

Source: LuvnPupz/Instagram

You can’t even tell the extent of his injuries from recent photos. He has recovered tremendously and is now living a very happy life. His coat is back and his blue eyes are shining brightly again.

He has a new life now and he’s enjoying it! Stinger loves to play, have fun, and to share love with everyone he meets!

Stinger’s medication is still being provided by this LuvnPupz so, if you want to help Stinger, you can share

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