Uninjured Dog Gives Glimmer Of Hope After Deadly Tornado

A tornado demolished several towns near Birmingham, Alabama. One of which was Fultondale, a town that’s no stranger to deadly storms. In 2011, 65 people died, and 1,500 were injured by a tornado. The recent tornado didn’t cause quite as many fatalities and harm, but it destroyed many homes.

Families were left with nothing but a pile of rubble, most of their belongings gone. But while victims and officials searched the destruction, they found one sign of hope. A dog named Smokey had miraculously survived the tornado without a scratch. His family couldn’t believe their eyes!

Dog rescued from rubble

A Devastating Disaster

The Williams Family’s home was in the tornado’s path. They didn’t have much time to think, so they found safety in a tornado shelter just before the storm hit their home. Sadly, they didn’t have time to bring their pets to safety too, so they feared the worst.

“Just as soon as we got in there, it just came down on top of us. We were trapped underneath some stuff for about 15, 20 minutes until our neighbors came, helped us get out,” said Jason Williams.

When they came out of the shelter, their house was nothing but rubble. Jason said his daughters had two guinea pigs and a turtle, but only their damaged enclosures were found. The family was heartbroken, but then they realized that not all their animals faced a tragic fate. They found Smokey sitting beneath the rubble, looking as healthy as ever.

The tornado killed one person and injured at least 30 others. So, Smokey’s survival was a glimmer of hope amid so much tragedy.

Dog and Dad After Tornado
Image: Screenshot, Associated Press YouTube

Hope Amid Tragedy

Getting Smokey out of the rubble wasn’t easy. Not only was he trapped, but he was also traumatized by the recent events. When given the opportunity to escape, he stood frozen in place, unsure if he was really safe. But when his humans encouraged him, he climbed out from his hiding place and freely ran around the yard.

Somehow, Smoky had no injuries from the tornado. He’ll need some time to calm down from the terrifying situation, but he’s physically healthy. The family can’t believe how lucky they are.

The Williams’ house is no longer standing, but they’re trying to make the most out of a difficult situation. All the human family members survived with only a few bruises and scratches, while Smokey seems to be the healthiest of all. Houses can be rebuilt, but family members are irreplaceable.

Watch Smokey’s Rescue Video Here:

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