UPDATE: Lady Gaga’s Dogs Return Home Safe And Sound

It’s been a rough week for Lady Gaga, but finally, she received some great news! Last week, her dog walker was shot while walking her three French Bulldogs. The suspects stole Koji and Gustav while the third pup named Miss Asia got away and was found safely. For several days, there was no sign of the lost pups, leaving Gaga devastated. But after turning to Instagram for support, the singer finally saw hope.

Lady Gaga’s pups have now returned home safely! There is a lot that is still unknown about the violent robbery, but the health and well-being of the dogs is certainly the most important aspect.

Lady Gaga French Bulldogs
Image: @ladygaga/Instagram

Lady Gaga Speaks Up

Two days after the event, Gaga turned to Instagram to confirm the situation. It’s clear that she was heartbroken, and as stated before, she was offering a $500,000 reward.

“My beloved dogs Koji and Gustav were taken in Hollywood two nights ago. My heart is sick and I am praying my family will be whole again with an act of kindness,” Gaga wrote.

She also went on to thank her friend and dogwalker, Ryan Fischer. He risked his life to save the beloved dogs, so he’s now a hero to many. Thankfully, his injuries weren’t life-threatening. He’s stable at the hospital and expected to make a full recovery soon.

Lady Gaga hugging dog
Image: @missasiaxoxo/Instagram

Since Gaga posted about it, she got the good news she’d been waiting for. Koji and Gustav were found!

A Happy Ending

Not long after Lady Gaga’s post, an unnamed woman turned the dogs in to the police station. Officials believe she was a Good Samaritan and had nothing to do with the attack. However, they’re not disclosing her name or the dogs’ location at this time for her safety. The French Bulldogs have now been handed over to Gaga’s family since the singer is currently filming a movie in Rome.

“The dogs are happy,” said Joe Germanotta, Gaga’s father. “We had them checked out by the vet and everything is fine. The family is extremely happy.”

Lady Gaga missing dogs
Image: @ladygaga/Instagram

It’s still unclear who committed this crime and why they did it, but police are hard at work to find some answers. The suspects were described as two men between the ages of 20 and 25. While it’s incredible that the dogs are safe and sound, the people responsible also need to be punished. We need to ensure that no one else has to go through a horrific event like this.

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