Video captures golden retriever saving drowning baby deer

Animals primarily act on their instincts, and as a pet owner, you may not necessarily understand what’s triggered your four-legged friend and caused them to behave in a certain way. An animal’s mindset can be difficult to figure out.

An incredible video shows the moment a Golden retriever runs into the water on Sunday to rescue a drowning young deer. Who would have thought?

Mark Freeley had been walking his two dogs, Storm and Sara, near the Long Island Sound in New York when the English golden retriever suddenly bounded into the water, swam out and grabbed something by the neck; at that moment unrecognizable and pulled it back to shore. Freeley captured the incredible moments on video and posted it to Facebook stating:


As seen in the video, Storm brought the fawn to the safety of the shore and began to lick and nuzzle the baby with his nose, occasionally pushing it with his paw as if to wake up the weakened animal.

Freeley called animal rescue who arrived shortly. Frank Floridia and Erica Kutzing approached the deer, who panicked and again the terrified little animal ran into the water. Knowing it was a matter of life or death for the fawn, Floridia jumped in and was able to rescue the animal again. 

The fawn is in the care of the Strong Island Animal Rescue League.  An update on the organization’s Facebook page thanked the public and gave us all a better picture of the precious life rescued by Storm:

“We are beyond grateful here at Strong Island for all of the positive feedback and support we have received since our rescue has been thrust into the spotlight (after thrusting ourselves into the water).
The rescue we took part in yesterday is just a small part of what our rescue does. We have cats, dogs, kittens and puppies for adoption. All of these animals are Long Islanders through and through. We love assisting our fellow rescues in controlling the overpopulation problem here in our own backyards. We think it is very important to help the dogs and cats and all creatures locally…

This fawn is alive because a community of people who pitched in, spearheaded by a hero dog with a need to retrieve!

Storm is one amazing dog with some great life-saving instincts. Thanks to him, a life was saved that day. What a hero!

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