Vile Owner Shooed Him Away Even When He Lost His Eyelids & He Couldn’t Sleep

When William was finally rescued in Houston, Texas, his health had badly deteriorated. His owner didn’t care that he was suffering. In fact, whenever William came to his owner needing anything, he was merely shooed away. He was covered in mange and secondary skin infections. It had gotten so bad, that William lost hope.

The sweet senior dog, around 9 years old, harbored no ill will towards humans. Dogs are such forgiving creatures. William finally had a thorough vet check. The entire medical staff was floored by his condition. The mange was so bad that his eyelids were gone. Because he could not close his eyes or blink properly, William is going blind.

Source: Paws 4 Hope

A kind woman heard about William and stepped up to foster him. She doesn’t care what he looks like! He’s lovable and deserving of a good life. So many people have a hard time looking passed dogs like William. They think he looks like a monster and want nothing to do with them. We think he’s beautiful no matter what!

Source: Paws 4 Hope

The vet started William on topical medication for his skin as well as antibiotics. He was also diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Getting the pup on the proper treatment will be a game-changer! He also came in weighing less than four pounds! A proper diet will also help William. He hadn’t eaten a good meal in ages.

Source: Paws 4 Hope

The vet can give William “new” eyelids. But his health has to steadily improve first. Everyone is rooting for the adorable, deserving dog. We will continue to pray for his successful recovery.

Source: Paws 4 Hope

Let William be an example that you can never judge anyone, or any dog, by their appearance. He may be sick but he’s a good boy! Can you send William your prayers? To see more, click on the video below.

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