We Love Our German Shepherds More Than People

Would you be surprised if you found out that certain people would prioritize their German Shepherd over other humans?

Even in life or death situations, they may opt to save their German Shepherd instead.

German Shepherd owners love their four-legged friends to the moon and back, seeing them as genuine full-fledged and furred members of their families.

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The results are in!

Researchers from Northwestern University of Colorado have shown that significantly more people show and feel empathy for a dog than they do for other humans.

The study involved around 260 students. The researchers had the participants read a fabricated news story about the abuse of a dog, and another about a human.

The students showed much more empathy for the dogs and were way more biased towards saving them rather than the other person.

In the fabricated news stories read by the students, contained mentions of the victims being attacked and left unconscious with a broken limb, and an assortment of other various injuries. The result was the students, more often than not, siding with the dog instead of the human.

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We spend more money on them too

Another fact about owners of German Shepherds that the researchers found is that they are very willing to spend copious amounts of money to keep their pups happy. The researcher also considered the amount of money that people will spend to buy a German Shepherd if they do not choose to adopt.

They also found that dog owners are more likely to donate to charities that benefit dogs rather than other humans.

Another similar experiment was held with around 300 students who were not told what the study they were in was about was about.

In the experiment, the students were given a theoretical question involving an imaginary one hundred dollars. They had the choice to give it to a charity for other humans or a charity for dogs. They were asked how much they would donate to each charity.

The result was that the students were choosing to split their hundred dollars. They were giving seventy dollars to the charity for dogs, and the remaining thirty dollars to a charity for humans.

Source: AKC German Shepherd Puppies 2011 via Flickr

And they’re really cute

Another reason of many for why dog owners are so attached to their canine companions is because of the multitude of loving facial expressions and movements they provide versus human beings.

Many people prefer the company of a loving dog.

Studies show that the expressions dogs make, while adorable, are primarily made to attract their owners’ attention. They do this by raising their eyebrows and making their eyes bigger when they want to play.

Source: David James Clelford Photography via Flickr

On the same topic, there has also been speculation regarding dogs’ facial expressions when treats are offered. Some think that the head tilt is all about amping up the charm. Others haven’t been so sure about that.

So far, the only thing they can agree on is that it is definitely a form of communication aimed at the person with the treats in their hand.

We could have told them that!

The results of the research aren’t too surprising to those of us who love German Shepherds. There is something about the unconditional love that a dog offers that makes it so easy to reciprocate.

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