Woman Hurls Defenseless Cat Across Yard While Friend Films & Posts It As A Joke

A Woman from Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, is being investigated after she allegedly was filmed hurling her friend’s cat into the path of a dog.

Charli Gowland claims she threw Merlin the cat because he ‘attacked her dogs.’

Gowland later apologized and told 7 News that her actions were “inexcusable and wrong.” Despite her friends saying the cat had died, Gowland claims that he is still alive.

Gowland’s friend posted the horrifying video on her Instagram as a joke, which prompted an investigation by the Wagga Wagga Police Department.

“I have seen the video and it’s absolutely disgraceful,” a police officer told Prime 7. “We have zero tolerance for animal cruelty in this community. Apart from it being really distasteful and disgusting, I don’t see why anyone would see a video like that being funny.”

After watching the viral video, many viewers think that Gowland is lying about the cat being aggressive.

“If the cat was supposedly attacking the dog how come it wasn’t attacking her when she was carrying it calmly in her hands?” one user wrote.

While the police continue their investigation, the RSPCA has also been notified.

Gowland faces animal cruelty charges and could serve five years behind bars or have to pay a $14,900 fine.

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