10 Dog Breeds That Are Extra Clingy With Their Owners

While every dog loves being with their human, there are some that really, really love to be with you. Dogs are sensitive creatures, and their desire to be near you is very strong–but for some, it’s more than that. Like a dog that clings to your side, ready to be your pal wherever you go? Then one of these breeds might be just the one for you!

#1 – Labrador Retriever

Labs are known for their easy going personality and attachment to their owners. They’ll go anywhere with you – until “death do you part,” and even then, we are sure they wait at the Bridge.

Image source: @AnthonyvanDyck via Flickr
Image source: @AnthonyvanDyck via Flickr

#2 – Italian Greyhounds

These little guys want a lap 24/7 and will make a fuss if you try to leave them behind, so don’t even think about it.

Image source: @JonathanLidbeck via Flickr
Image source: @JonathanLidbeck via Flickr

#3 – Golden Retriever

Another devoted breed, this one is happy to do anything, as long as you are nearby.

Image source: @Pawstruck.com
Image source: @Pawstruck.com

#4 – French Bulldog

This tenacious dog may love his owner, but he may also have an ulterior motive to going everywhere with you – he must greet his adoring fans.

Image source: @NoirKitsune via Flickr
Image source: @NoirKitsune via Flickr

#5 – German Shepherd Dog

About as loyal as they come, this breed wants to make sure he can protect you by keeping you in his sights at all times, whether at work or on a picnic.

Image source: @Daniela Magallon via Flickr
Image source: @Daniela Magallon via Flickr

#6 — Doberman Pinscher

These dogs will cling to the humans they love like velcro, and want nothing more than to be near those that they love. Originally bred as a protection dog in Germany, their desire to be close stems from their desire to keep you safe. Not only are these strictly inside dogs who need to live with their humans, they are very sensitive… so don’t let those tough looks fool you one bit.


#7 – Pug

The pug, like the Frenchie, loves going everywhere with their owners. They make a great travel companion.

Image source: @jmettraux via Flickr
Image source: @jmettraux via Flickr

#8 – Coton de Tulear

The cute Coton is devoted to his owner. He is unwilling to stay at home while you go on adventures, so make sure you buy that doggy car seat.

Image source: @LisaRisager via Flickr
Image source: @LisaRisager via Flickr

#9 – Great Dane

This gentle giant loves attention. They would rather follow you around than do much else, so you better have room in that SUV for your Dane to tag-along.

Image source: @JonHurd via Flickr
Image source: @JonHurd via Flickr

#10 – Shetland Sheepdog

These dogs are “shadows,” following you from room to room. Most of them love a car ride and will happily go anywhere, especially if there is something to chase at the destination.

Image source: A Fairytail House
Image source: A Fairytail House

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