10-year-old German Shepherd abandoned by owners and desperately needs a home

It has been a few days since Arthur ended up at the Los Angeles County Animal Control office on January 19th, but it’s not clear how much time he has left.

What is clear is that no one wants him to spend those days without someone to love him. But there are no takers.

Even worse, Arthur could be euthanized in the coming days because of overcrowding at the facility.

Unwanted: GSD

Arthur is just many of the unwanted senior dogs languishing in shelters around the country. And while it looks like he might eventually find his way to a no-kill rescue organization, he’s not there yet and he is still in need of a home.

The only “offers” he has are empty ones from Facebookers insisting they’d take him if they could or asking to arrange long-distance adoptions that they never follow up on.

Arthur is a German Shepherd mix and the Downey Animal Shelter in California believes he’s 10 years old. They’ve sadly reported that he has no current offers for adoption.

He’s old and frail, scared of the loud and new noises all around him, clearly wondering why he can’t just go home.

Little time left

Those who have met Arthur are begging people in the area to open their hearts to the slightly wobby but loving dog.

Facebook post reads:

“He is an old gentleman #gsd extraordinaire, who once stood a perfect stance, and chased many balls in his prime. Now, he struggles to stand or walk without wobbling his stiff back legs. His once filled-out body now has wrinkles and folds, from losing too much weight. It’s tough for old Arthur, a GSD extraordinaire to get this old. His mind still says he is young. But his beautiful soulful face tells a different story. Arthur, the cool old Kat is now stuck at a shelter ….. and we all need to find him some HELP. We need a wonderful senior rescue or an adopter with the means to help him.”

Plenty to give

It’s clear that Arthur can still be a loving companion. Those around him have posted videos showing his calm demeanor around other dogs as well.

Arthur is also kind, gentle, and a big fan of treats.

And while he might need a little extra attention and care, he’s a very good boy.

The shelter has requested that anyone interested in adopting Arthur ask to see all of his notes and recommendations to see if he is a good match for a household. With so little time left, he has to find the right home since it could be his last chance.

Get in touch

As long as Arthur is in the shelter, meet & greets, adoptions & rescues are by APPOINTMENT ONLY due to COVID restrictions and interested parties must email the shelter to request an appointment. Email requests should go to downeyctaip@animalcare.lacounty.gov

If you’d like to try and call about Arthur, you can get in touch with Los Angeles County Animal Control – Downey at (562) 940-6898 – and be sure to ask for information about animal ID number A5402184.

Even if Arthur is taken to a rescue, they will be able to tell potential adopters who to get in touch with.

You may also be able to see the most recent updates by following his ID number on Facebook here.

Please share his story and help him out! He deserves so much better than this ending.

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