15 wholesome photos of German Shepherds that defy aggressive stereotypes

German Shepherds have been raised as work dogs. They’ve even gone to war.

But some people only encounter the breed as a guard or police dog and they’ve developed a reputation for being aggressive.

Of course, a dog is only as aggressive as its owner trains it to be – the same goes for pit bull and other bully breeds – so those in the know realize that GSDs can be adorable goofballs and playful pets in the right home.

Here are 15 photos that prove there’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to encountering or adopting a German Shepherd.

1. Furr-ocious

Just look at this thing – it’s wearing jammies and snuggling a teddy bear.

That’s not to say he couldn’t stop a criminal dead in their tracks someday, but they’re born without a mean bone in their bodies.

My husband and I just got our first puppy, Moose! from r/germanshepherds

2. Help, dad

This big guy is so scared of the other dogs at puppy training class that he made his dad pick him up for safety.

We’re pretty sure he could hold his own against the other puppies, but he doesn’t look interesting in trying.

My scared boy Wolfgang at his first puppy class from r/germanshepherds

3. I think I can…

Look at this goofball refusing to get his photo taken.

Little does he know that just because he can’t see his owner, that doesn’t mean they can’t see him.

‘No I won’t smile for the camera’ from r/germanshepherds

4. Protector

German Shepherds are smart. And they can be trained to be both great pets and good guard dogs.

We’re pretty sure the only thing this little girl has to fear is her dog taking up too much space in bed.

Think my daughter is safe? from r/germanshepherds

5. Anything but dangerous

Does this look like an attack dog to you? Head cocked, tongue out…

He looks like a big, fluffy, adorably goober and we’d love to scratch those big ears.

Propably the best picture of my dog that I have ever taken. from r/germanshepherds

6. Puppy power

Puppies can grow up to be any type of dog, depending on how you treat them.

It’s just amazing to think that this dog could someday be serving overseas or helping chase down criminals…or hiding under the bed. It all depends.

When I was 7 I fell in love with German Shepherds. One morning I found a GS lost and looked after him until his parents came to pick him up that evening. I think I cried for 3 days straight. My time has come, meet Knox. from r/germanshepherds

7. High fives

There’s just something about a GSD once their ears have “popped” up that we can’t stop “aww”ing over.

We’d give this cutie a high-five for sure!

Hello everybody 🐾 from r/germanshepherds

8. Snuggle bug

Well, we hope the caption isn’t true because no one should bring home a dog without putting some major thought into it.

But he got lots of good tips for raising his little “smoosh” right thanks to the kind people of Reddit.

Walked in to get a fish; walked out with a smoosh. Any GSD tips? from r/germanshepherds

9. Belly-up

What a gorgeous dog!

And it looks like she’s pretty tired of the frisbee and ready for some belly rubs.

We’d love to be the ones to give them to her, wouldn’t you?

Every updoot = 1 belly rub for my sweet Luna from r/germanshepherds

10. Driver’s ed

Our favorite kind of GSD puppy is the one-ear-up variety. It’s just the cutest thing!

We’re not sure we’d let Kato drive us anywhere, but we’d probably follow him wherever he went if it meant we’d get some snuggles at the end.

Kato mastered “sit” and “stay, so now we are moving on to “defensive driving” from r/germanshepherds

11. It’s all about the eyes

Maybe we’re just partial to the breed, but GSDs seem to have the most expressive eyes of any breed of dog.

And when they look all sweet and innocent…watch out.

Wouldn’t you give this pup anything?

“Oh hi :]” from r/germanshepherds

12. The friendliest dog in town

If you know someone who insists that German Shepherds are violent by nature, just send them this photo.

It’s pretty hard to deny that it’s nurture, not nature, that makes it so.

Start your day with this smile… from r/germanshepherds

13. Cool dog

Everybody loves some nice cool air on a warm day, and dogs seem to have a special affinity for air blowing on their faces.

This little fuzzball looks positively joyful on its car ride.

Enjoying the air con! from r/germanshepherds

14. Big spoon

How sweet is this photo of a little doggie “family” snuggling up for a nap?

We’d want to jump right in and be the biggest spoon if we saw this going on.

My German Shepherd was having a false pregnancy so I got her a puppy. She thinks it’s hers and the pup thinks she’s her mom and I’m never going to tell them different from r/germanshepherds

15. Cuteness in motion

Have we successfully made our point that GSDs can be just as kind and goofy and loving as any other breed of dog?

Regardless of your answer, make sure you watch this clip for a final piece of proof.

Belly rub kissing!! from r/germanshepherds

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