Abandoned Dog Is Found With A Chain Deeply Embedded In His Neck

An emaciated Newfoundland Mix was found wandering the streets alone on a cold winter night. When officers got closer to the abandoned pup, they realized just how critical this situation was.

The skinny street pup was dragging a chain behind him with each step, as it was attached to a chain collar around his neck. The collar was deeply embedded in the Newfie’s skin, causing a massive and painful infection.

jake rescue photo
Jake Update Page

The officers brought the injured pup into the Ottawa Humane Society, where he was immediately seen by their skilled veterinary staff. Even the shelter team was shocked by his condition, as the wounds around his neck were unimaginable.

“The collar had cut into him and the skin had grown overtop, leaving two ends of chain dangling from each side of his neck. The area was heavily infected, and the hair coat around his neck was matted with discharge.” – Dr. Shelley Hutchings

The team immediately sedated the emaciated Newfie and got to work on caring for his extensive wounds. The pup underwent surgery to remove the chain from around his neck, as well as the infected tissue that surrounded the area. The wound was so deep that it required a drain tube, as this would help prevent fluid buildup around the incision site.

jake rescue photo
Jake Update Page

Due to the abandoned pup’s severe state, his rescuers believe that he could have been on the run for quite some time. While the details of his life up until this point remain unclear, a cruelty investigation has been launched to hopefully get to the bottom of it.

The Newfoundland mix has since been named Jake and is in the care of the dedicated team at the Ottawa Humane Society. Jake has an incredible support system in the team at OHS, as well as adoring fans that have followed his journey.

jake rescue photo
Jake Update Page

“Jake is recovering amazingly. His surgery site where the collar was extracted is healing very well, and he has already had his stitches removed. Although he has already gained some pounds, he still has quite a way to go before reaching a healthy weight. Our veterinary team checks on him regularly, ensuring he’s getting the proper nutrition to gradually and safely regain his strength. At this time, he’s staying at the OHS being spoiled by the staff until our veterinarian says he has healed enough to go into a foster home.” – OHS Update

If you would like to keep up with Jake’s recovery, you can follow his update page here.

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