Adorable baby shows German Shepherd afraid of sprinkler there’s nothing to fear

Everyone knows how loyal and protective dogs can be of their human friends. Our brave furry friends will protect us if they see us in harm’s way. If you need further evidence of this fact, look no further than the clip below.

The German Shepherd in this story overcame its fear of a mysterious water-spouting device so that it would not continue to attack the family’s baby.

The story begins with a family out on their lawn.

The young toddler was playing with the sprinkler by placing their hand in front of it. This worried the family dog to no end. What is this device that is shooting water at full blast toward the little human’s hand? It might be dangerous, but they had to help.

Source: Amanpreet Singh/YouTube

The dog felt the sprinkler might be harming the baby so it sprang into action!

They lightly pushed aside the toddler to keep them out of danger and then started fiercely biting at the water. When one area of the stream seemed to be sufficiently bitten, the dog would run up and down the entire stream, biting at different parts. All the while, the family’s toddler is laughing away and having a great time!

Source: Amanpreet Singh/YouTube

An Undaunted Good Boy

This good boy was not going to let the sprinkler get the better of them or their human family. They bit and bit at the water yet, for some reason, they were unable to weaken the overall stream. Worse yet, the dog noticed that there were more of these contraptions elsewhere on the lawn. They all must be stopped!

Eventually, the German Shepherd seemed to realize that the stream of water was coming out from the little black knob peaking out from the lawn. They started to focus their attack on that area. By biting the stream all the way up to its source, surely the sprinkler’s attacks will be foiled, at least for today.

Source: Amanpreet Singh/YouTube

German Shepherds are known to be both loyal and also a little aloof. Both of these traits are easy to notice in the below video. They thought their human was in trouble, they were wrong, but they worked to protect them anyway. Such a good boy!

Source: Amanpreet Singh/YouTube

The fierce battle between the German Shepherd and sprinkler waged on for several moments.

Canine historians refer to it as “The Great Battle Between Dog And Sprinkler” and several monuments have been erected at nearby shelters and pet stores in its honor. (Okay, maybe not- but they should be!)

Source: Amanpreet Singh/YouTube

German Shepherds are some of the most popular dogs on the planet. They are athletic canines and generally excel at anything they are taught to do. They make excellent guard dogs, although as this story tells us, they aren’t always the best at determining what is and is not a threat.

Source: Amanpreet Singh/YouTube

This story is humorous because the toddler wasn’t really in danger.

The German Shepherd did not know that, however. To them, this was a serious situation where someone could get harmed. They risked their own well-being to help the family’s toddler. That’s a good boy right there!

Source: Amanpreet Singh/YouTube

The whole family was laughing and having a great time as their dog ran up and down the lawn biting at sprinkler streams. Even if you don’t need a German Shepherd for protection, you might want to adopt one purely for the entertainment they provide!

Watch this German Shepherd play protector in the below video!

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Source: Amanpreet Singh/dogtime/AKC

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