After a series of giant drug arrests, K9 Beny becomes a community hero

Police K9s serve a vital role in law enforcement. Not only do they help to apprehend suspects, but they also help detect drugs and other contraband during searches of property and vehicles. K9s are uniquely suited to this task due to their superior sense of smell in comparison to their human counterparts.

One K9 in particular, named Beny, is helping to stop the flow of drugs along California highways.

K9 Beny is a powerful ally in the fight against the narcotics trade

Source: Facebook/CHP – Merced

A K9 unit with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in Merced, California, Beny has become known as a workhorse when it comes to stopping the flow of drugs through the state.

A perfect example of his dedication to his job and community happened when he was called in to search a vehicle after officers saw signs of drug-related activity.

Beny helped find over $150,000 worth of drug-related money

Source: Facebook/CHP – Merced

During a community traffic stop, Beny was brought in to see if he could detect the scent of drugs. When he did, the officers searched the vehicle and found more than $150,000 in plastic-wrapped cash! After interviewing the 36-year-old suspect, officers were able to determine that the money was from the sale of narcotics.

The officers also found other indicators of drug activity in the car, including vinegar-soaked rags in the plastic bundles that the money was wrapped in. This method is sometimes used as the vinegar is believed to interfere with a K9s ability to detect the scent of narcotics.

Source: Facebook/CHP – Merced

And while the suspect was not arrested, the money was seized and is pending asset forfeiture proceedings. As for K9 Beny, it’s just another day on the job. A job filled with the prospect of at least slowing down the drug trade in California.

The CHP in Merced

Source: Facebook/CHP – Merced

Located in Central California, Merced is located in an area of California known for its high-level of drug trafficking. The CHP works tirelessly to stem the flow of narcotics through the area.

Through the efforts of K9 Beny, his handler, and the other human and K9 officers who serve on the force, it is hoped that the flow of narcotics through the area can be slowed, if not stopped altogether.

For more on the CHP in Merced, California, visit the department’s Facebook page.

Some of Beny’s other big drug finds

Source: Facebook/CHP – Merced

Over his time with the CHP, K9 Beny has made quite the name for himself. Taking a part in a variety of drug searches on many traffic stops, Beny has continued to do his part in the fight against narcotics in the U.S., and especially in California.

On another search, K9 Beny was able to detect the presence of heroin. In total, the officers removed two kilograms, which equates to about 4.5 pounds, of the drug, which has a street value of approximately $51,000 to $58,000.

Source: Facebook/CHP – Merced

In even another stop, K9 Beny alerted officers to the presence of narcotics once again. This time, the officers found 30 pounds of crystal methamphetamine hidden in the vehicle. This is why K9s units, such as Beny, are so important in stopping the flow of narcotics. They are well-suited to finding narcotics, even when they are well-hidden, as in this case.

Watch this video for more information on how the K9 drug-search process works.

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