After Being Rejected For 9 Yrs, Shelter Dog Loses It When He Finally Gets Adopted

It’s a hard life for shelter dogs who endure multiple rejections throughout their life. These poor babies see their hopes getting shattered each time with every new visitor, while the insecurities around being “unwanted” and “unlovable” feast on their tender hearts.

Source: Mr Kim/YouTube

The shelter dog in this video had been living in a state of constant gloom for the past 9 years. Every month, he would see his shelter mates getting picked by different families one by one, but no one ever considered giving him a chance.

The poor dog had accepted his fate and he believed that he would silently wither away without knowing what it’s like to have a true home. But lady luck smiled on him one day, and a family came forward to give this pooch the pampered life he deserved!

Source: Mr Kim/YouTube

In this video, we see the dog’s euphoric reaction when he finally learns that he has been adopted. The poor thing had never thought this day would come, and he was just not ready for the moment! The moment he realizes his sad days are behind him, he begins to celebrate in the most spectacular manner!

Source: Mr Kim/YouTube

The dog takes his bewildered freedom run and calls out to his shelter mates to break the good news! The happy boy leaps and wags his tail blissfully as he waits to go home with his new family! This gem of a video reminds us why adopting a shelter dog is such a rewarding experience!

Click the video below to watch the dog’s happy celebration as he gets adopted after 9 long years!

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