After finding 2 missing seniors in 2 months, K9 is declared “employee of the summer”

K9 Maverick with the Suffolk County Police Department is being praised as “the employee of the summer” for his role in locating two missing seniors within the past two months.

Back in June, Maverick and his handler, Thomas Teufel, were called in to help search for an 82-year-old man with dementia who had been missing for eight hours.

Even though Maverick had already conducted an extensive 90-minute search earlier that day, the determined K9 was able to trace the scent of the missing senior.

“Maverick was able to find him and save his life,” said Teufel.

“That was one of my proudest moments.”

When news broke that K9 Maverick had assisted officers in locating the missing senior, the man’s 10-year-old grandson, Derek, asked to meet the heroes who had saved his grandfather’s life. The Suffolk County Police Department even posted about the meeting on their Facebook page: “According to Derek’s father Bil Xikis, who is a member of the Seldon Fire Department and Suffolk Urban Search and Rescue, Derek is a dog lover, and he has new heroes in the Suffolk County Police Department!”

Unfortunately, a few months after the elderly man went missing, a female senior was also reported missing from the local St. Joseph’s Senior Center.

The woman had not been seen since Sunday (August 9), but her door was left ajar with her personal possessions, including a cell phone, wallet, and purse, sitting in plain sight.

The woman’s daughter alerted authorities of the disappearance at roughly 1:25 PM this past Monday (August 10), and Det. Sgt. Timothy Romaine and Det. Luis Cabrera soon arrived to lead the initial search. After having no luck, the officers proceeded to call in Teufel and Maverick to assist in searching the wooded area behind the residence.

According to a post by the Suffolk County Police Department, K9 Maverick was able to track the elderly’s woman’s scent within ten minutes of searching, and the woman was officially located at 5:32 PM. “Within 10 minutes Maverick pulled me over,” Teufel said.

“He smelled her and we found her lying on the ground in the woods. She said she was lying there all night.”

Apparently the woman had left the residence at approximately midnight the previous night and had grown disoriented and fallen in the woods. The senior was dehydrated but in good spirits and was taken to the John T. Mather Memorial Hospital in Port Jefferson for medical attention.

As a result of Maverick’s (not just one but) two amazing rescues, the Suffolk County Police Department is declaring K9 Maverick the employee of the summer!

K9 Maverick has been working with the Suffolk County Police Department for over three years. Bred in Europe and certified in criminal apprehension, evidence recovery, obedience, tracking, and explosives detection, Maverick started training with the department when he was only 18 months old.

“He’s a great partner,” Teufel said of Maverick.

“I’ll make sure he gets a good treat tonight.”

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Police grieve K9 killed in the line of duty – but coroner says bullet came from a deputy’s gun

We’ve lost yet another hero to the scourge of gun violence.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s office delivered quite a bit of devastating news recently. There were multiple fatalities in a confrontation between two suspects involved in a hit-and-run and sheriff’s deputies.

On Tuesday, August 11th, deputies attempted to pull over a car driving erratically on Clemson Boulevard in Anderson County, South Carolina, not far from the Georgia border. After the car sped away, police pursued but gave up the chase when they said it became dangerous and the suspects were nearing the city limits.

But another call came in a few minutes later after that same car stuck a taxi cab near a Lowe’s parking lot.

Source: Screenshot via Fox Carolina News

Deputies headed back out to the scene with a K9 unit.

Meanwhile, the suspects jumped out of their car and attempted to flee the scene, returning briefly for a bag, then fleeing again.

Source: Screenshot via WYFF News

K9 unit Roscoe was on the trail, following their scent to a nearby hill. But the officers had no idea that the suspects were armed and seemingly waiting for them.

A firefight ensued.

One bullet hit a young, male suspect, 21-year-old Bryan Keith Hamilton, Jr. of Greer, South Carolina in the head. He was pronounced dead at the scene and his injury was later found by the coroner to be self-inflicted.

A young female was air-lifted by Lifeflight to the hospital for treatment for a bullet wound but further details are not yet available as it appears she is a minor.

Source: Screenshot via Fox Carolina News

But the male suspect wasn’t the only one gravely injured at the scene – 3-and-a-half-year-old K9 unit Roscoe was also caught in the crossfire.

Roscoe took a bullet that McBride first said came from one of the suspects’ guns. However, on August 13th it was announced that the dog was the victim of friendly fire. The bullet had come from a deputy’s firearm.

Source: Anderson County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit Community Group/Facebook

No deputies were shot.

The dog was taken to the emergency veterinarian for treatment but didn’t make it.

“Roscoe made it through the night, and we were seemingly positive, but then he had a rough morning and ultimately succumbed to his injuries,” McBride said.

McBride confirmed around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday that Roscoe had passed away.

“He was a very good canine and this is a huge loss for our unit,” the sheriff said.

Roscoe was a German Shepherd who had been working with the department since August 2018. He was also nationally certified in narcotics detection, criminal apprehension, and tracking.

“This is a very tragic incident one in which we are continuing to grieve our K9 Roscoe who is no longer with us,” said Anderson County PIO JT Foster.

Condolences poured in from around the community, in particular on the local Fox News station’s Facebook page in a post that announced Roscoe’s death.

“So very sad! I am praying for comfort for his partner as well as all of ACSO. Some people will say this was just a dog but that is so far from the truth. Roscoe was an officer, partner and friend. I am sure every member of law enforcement is hurting knowing he lost his life in the line of duty,” said one commenter.

Hundreds of other commenters also thanked Roscoe for his service to the community and the post has now gone viral with nearly 1000 shares.

You can scroll down below for the updated report on the entire incident.

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