Belgian Malinois loses it after he gets 400 tennis balls for his birthday

Most dogs love a good tennis ball. They love to chase and play with it – and it becomes even better when used to play fetch! One dog loved tennis balls so much that his owner decided to surprise him with a special gift for his birthday: 400 tennis balls.

And boy, was he delighted!

Titus loves tennis balls

Source: Facebook/Alistair Clyde

If there is one thing in life that Belgian Malinois Titus adores above all else, it is tennis balls; they give him an easy outlet for all of the energy he has. So, when his birthday came around, his owner Alistair Clyde immediately knew what to get him.

“I was like, ‘What would he want for his birthday? What’s his favorite thing in the world? Tennis balls. No brainer!’”

Ordering 400 tennis balls

Source: Facebook/Alistair Clyde

But Clyde didn’t want to get Titus just one tennis ball. No, that wouldn’t do. She had far more in mind but wasn’t sure the exact amount at first.

“I saw that you could buy 30, 60, 200 or 400 tennis balls,” Clyde said. “I first picked the 60 one and was like, ‘What? No. That’s not good enough. He deserves ALL the tennis balls!’”

Titus sneaks a peak

Source: Facebook/Alistair Clyde

As the days counted down, Clyde excitedly waited for Titus’ gift to arrive. When it did arrive, it was in two, large cardboard packages. Titus, being the smart and inquisitive dog that he was, sniffed around the packages. He was able to pull out two of the tennis balls before his mom could stop him.

Like a kid in a candy store

Source: Facebook/Alistair Clyde

Finally, the big day arrived and it was time to give Titus his gift. So, Clyde opened the boxes and dumped them out on the floor, all 398 of them. The balls rolled everywhere, including down the stairs, underneath the furniture, and into every corner of the house.

Titus didn’t know what to do

Source: Facebook/Alistair Clyde

Titus seemed overwhelmed at first. It hadn’t quite registered yet that all of the tennis balls were for him. Slowly, though, what was happening took root in his mind.

“At first, he was a little taken aback when I dumped them,” Clyde said. “It took about five seconds for him to start running around like a maniac in excitement.”

Donating to the local shelter

Source: Facebook/Alistair Clyde

Titus’ older brother, a Chihuahua named Bear, watched from his mom’s lap as his brother went crazy among the 400 tennis balls now decorating the floor of the home. Even days later, the floor of the house and the yard outside were still covered in tennis balls. Eventually, Clyde collected them, planning to keep a few for Titus and to donate the rest to a local shelter.

Watch Titus enjoying his gift in the video below!

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Source: Facebook/Go Fetch

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