Bride goes nuts: She has to downsize wedding because groom spent $5k on surgery for his dog

In 2015 alone, Americans spent over $60 billion on their pets. That’s a lot of money, but many people think it is worth it since they view their pets as a member of the family. One pet owner found himself at odds with his fiancé after he spent $5,000 for emergency surgery for his dog. Now, she is not speaking to him and he has been left wondering if he should continue with the marriage.

Paying to get surgery for his dog

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The man’s problems started when he found out his dog had a malignant tumor, Though advanced in age, the man did not hesitate when the vet told him it would cost $5,000 for the surgery. After all, the man and his fiancé had separate accounts, so it is not like he was spending her money.

The man had this to say about the surgery, “I don’t know why the cost was so high, but it didn’t matter to me. My dog is my dog and there is no question in my mind that paying for the surgery was the right thing to do.”

His fiancé gets mad at him

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Of course, he did not take into account the cost of their wedding. It was only after the surgery had been performed, that he learned that they would have to downsize their wedding due to the expense. Once his fiancé learned what he had done his problems rose to a whole new level. His soon-to-be partner was livid.

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In her mind, he had placed his dog above her. What made it worse was that he had not even spoken to her about getting the surgery performed on his beloved pet. She felt that the dog was already so old that even though he had extended his dog’s life by getting the surgery, that the dog would probably just die of old age at some point in the near future.

Pre-marital problems

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According to the man, who posted about the whole incident on Reddit, their relationship before was amazing. The blow-up has caused a massive rift between him and his fiancé. He still refuses to apologize for what he did, saying he did nothing wrong.

“My dog is my dog and he’s a member of the family. I refuse to put a few thousand dollars over his well-being. My fiancé is acting as though I’m being selfish and that our wedding should come first since we’re starting a family.”

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This has resulted in his partner refusing to talk to him and even walking away when he does try to engage in conversation. And while the response to the man’s plight has been mixed between support and scorn for the man, many have recommended the two seek couple’s counseling.

What do you think?

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Even though he spent his own money, some suggested he should have still talked to her about it before spending it. In their mind, it shows how much he doesn’t respect how she feels, even if though many felt she has overreacted some. What would you do in this situation and do you think the man did the right thing? Here is a video with more on just how much people spend on their dogs.

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Clever dog “collapses” at the end of his walks as a way to avoid going home

Most dogs love to go on walks. This gives them a chance to get outdoors, breath the fresh air, and see new things and people. Ryder, a Labrador retriever and basset hound mix, takes his walks seriously. So, when his owner told him it was time to go home, Ryder would have none of it.

Ryder pitches a fit

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As Ryder’s dad told him it was time to go home, Ryder pulled an effective tactic out of his bag of tricks. Lying down, Ryder refuses to move, acting like he is exhausted. And this is not the first time that Ryder has used this tactic, laying down in this manner when they are close to home on their walks.

Ryder has become quite the accomplished actor

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“He pretends like he is exhausted but every time he drops he is a block or so from our house,” Sean Tornetta, Ryder’s owner, told The Dodo. “He is in shape and can certainly make it. We’ve seen him spring and play for hours at the dog park so we know it’s all an act.”

Ryder has become quite good at the act. Every time he does it, Tornetta can’t help but laugh. This only encourages Ryder even more as he seems to get a kick out of his antics. When Ryder initially started his act, Tornetta would bend over and pick him up like a baby, carrying him the rest of the way home. Tornetta did not realize that Ryder was just waiting for such a response.

Ryder is such the dramatic actor

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As this behavior continued as each walk neared its end, the silly dog got more and more dramatic. Now, though, Tornetta knows better, and no matter how convincing Ryder’s act, Tornetta is not buying it.

“The minute he realizes he is coming home or walking a path that he has already sniffed out he sneakily starts to slow down and look at us like, ‘Boring! I’ve been here and sniffed all these scents before,’” Tornetta said. “[Then he] will just drop. It is hilarious the way he does it … so dramatic as if he knows what he is doing.”

Tornetta has a secret weapon to fight Ryder’s behavior

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Fortunately, Tornetta has a secret weapon against Ryder’s act. Tornetta has found that this is usually the only thing that can distract Ryder long enough to get him the rest of the way home.

“The second I start to wiggle my pocket with treats, he springs right back up like nothing happened,” Tornetta said. “It’s quite hilarious how sneaky he thinks he is.”

Trying to stop Ryder’s act

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Now that Tornetta is wise to Ryder’s act, he has devised a way to try and train him out of the behavior.

“Now we hold out treats and make sure he makes it home before he gets them,” he said. “As cute as it is, we have to train him to make it home.”

Source: Twitter/S_Tornetta37

As for Ryder, who can blame him for using his hilarious tactic? It seems to have gotten his dad’s attention as well as that of the rest of the Internet. Here is a video with Ryder playing dead when it is time to go home.

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